Rumour: Maruti Suzuki WagonR Diesel ready for festive launch?

That Maruti Suzuki's parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation, is readying up a twin cylinder turbo diesel engine for use in small cars is something that has been revealed a while ago. While the next generation A-Star (international Alto) was speculated to be the first car to receive this engine, Team-BHPian Rockporiom asserts that this diesel engine will be first used on the WagonR Diesel. He goes on to add that this information is from a source working with Maruti Suzuki and that the training of dealer level staff for the WagonR Diesel is already underway.

The news about turbo diesel power for the WagonR is not new, what with assorted reports mentioning this at various times in the past. However, the timing of this speculated launch is something that comes as a bit of a surprise as test mules of the WagonR have rarely been spotted in the recent past, save for a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) of the WagonR and the photo shoot leak of the WagonR Sting Ray model. With the latest flow of information, the possibility of Maruti Suzuki testing the 800cc turbo-diesel engine on the JDM WagonR test mule is high.

It may be noted that car makers around the world routinely use existing car models to test out specific parts of upcoming cars. Therefore, the possibility of the JDM WagonR being tested in India with a turbo diesel motor cannot be ruled out as Maruti Suzuki doing thus will have most car spotters flummoxed. The 800cc, twin cylinder turbo diesel engine powering the Maruti WagonR is touted to deliver an ARAI certified fuel economy figure of 25 Kmpl. 

It remains to be seen whether Maruti Suzuki will shoehorn the new 800cc turbo diesel engine into the current WagonR or whether the company will launch this engine in the WagonR StingRay's engine bay. The possibility of the latter happening is ripe as the WagonR Sting Ray with a diesel engine could be positioned between the current variants of the WagonR and the Swift.  More details of this brand new development will be revealed soon as the launch of the WagonR Diesel is expected to happen in the next one month, in time for the festive season in India. 

Notably, the StingRay model's launch will happen in a few weeks from now. The Maruti Suzuki Sting Ray is expected to sit between the current WagonR and the Swift, which also means that the current WagonR will continue to be produced. The current version of the WagonR is available with a 1 liter K-series triple cylinder engine that is capable of operating in petrol, CNG-petrol and LPG-petrol fuel modes, depending on the variant chosen.

The addition of turbo diesel power on the Sting Ray version would complete the WagonR range and would give prospective buyers a wide array of choices. The timing of the WagonR diesel and the new Sting Ray variant of the car comes at a time when Hyundai India is targeting the likes of the WagonR and Ritz models with the new i10 Grand hatchback. The i10 Grand Hatchback will sit between the current i10 and the i20 hatchbacks. Considering the expected price level for the i10 Grand, the WagonR Diesel might be the counter that Maruti Suzuki has lined up to take on the latest Hyundai hatchback. 

Edit: According to new information Team-BHP has received, the WagonR Diesel might not be launched in a month's time. The diesel engined WagonR is in the works and the launch will happen later. However, the WagonR Sting Ray will be launched in early September. The Sting Ray will be available only in petrol guise for now. Later on, a diesel engine could be added to the Sting Ray range as well. 

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