Rumour: Tata to build small electric hatch on Moflex platform


Tata Motors is reportedly planning to develop a small all-electric hatchback that will be based on the company's MOFlex platform. This is the same modular platform that underpins the recently unveiled TAMO Racemo sportscar. The said electric hatchback might be named the Nano. It must be noted that Tata Motors hasn’t made any announcement regarding this project yet.

The new electric hatchback is expected to be introduced under the automaker's TAMO sub-brand. It is expected to be similar in dimensions to a Smart car. It will thus have a small wheelbase, tall height and higher seats. Interestingly, Tata had recently showcased the C-Cube concept car (pictured here), which matched all these elements. However, the company had mentioned that the C-Cube is only a technology demonstrator and isn't likely to make it into production.

Tata has been working on electric powertrains for a long period of time. The automaker's Europe-based R&D centre had earlier showcased a one-off all-electric Bolt hatchback, which was equipped with an 80 kW electric motor that offered a 100 km company-claimed driving range.

Source: Autocar India

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