Rust on the exhaust of a brand new Bajaj Dominar 400

Minor rusting I can understand, but rusting to this degree - cannot be simply ignored.

BHPian ashwinprakas recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A buddy of mine recently bought a Dominar 400 BS6 and within a week his first service was due.

While servicing the motorcycle he noticed rusting on the exhaust and sent me pictures:

My buddy asked them about it and they told him it was normal and he messaged me the same reasoning. To me, it was pretty obvious that he was being taken for a ride due to his lack of common knowledge of machinery.

After about half an hour's worth of texting to and forth, I finally convinced him to raise a dispute under warranty, since the guy was adamant about servicing his motorcycle at the ASC for the intention of maintaining warranty. So, to me it didn't make any sense whatsoever to let this slip as he's anyways paying inflated consumable charges, for the sake of warranty.

When he approached the ASC folks, they once again said that it was a common issue and pointed out a few other motorcycles that were there for service as well as PDI, of which my buddy sent me pictures:

The above pictures proved one and only one thing and that was that this was a QC miss of a larger scale, than just a one-off case. Maybe one requiring a recall, if found in greater numbers.

So I with the help of some expletives, convinced my buddy to take a strong stand on the matter and that's when he got the shocking reply, that the company i.e., Bajaj has a fix rolled out for this issue - a coating from 3M that costs Rs 400/- per application and comes with a 6-month warranty.

My buddy being gullible fell for it, but I simply couldn't comprehend the audacity of the ASC folks, in saying the above.

A person has to shell around Rs 3 lakh for a brand new motorcycle and then spend more for a quality miss from the company's end?


My buddy reached out to Bajaj via email, but they redirected the query to the same local ASC, who've made the above claim, which they've once again confirmed over the phone. This implicitly translates to the fix being, as a matter of fact, officially recommended by Bajaj.

Minor rusting I can understand, but rusting to this degree simple cannot be ignored IMHO; especially on a brand new motorcycle that's just a week old.

So I'd request recent Bajaj owners to have a good look at their exhausts and report similar concerns. The more it is highlighted, the better the chances are for the company to take notice and proactively recall defective pieces than to make the customer pay for no fault of their own.

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