Saved my Jeep Compass from paint drops from 1,500 km away

While the app is still a mystery to me, coming from a 2011 Hyundai, it was fascinating.

BHPian Pancham recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This Jeep Life app is still a mystery. Contrary to what my SA told me it seems the car does come with a SIM card with an active connection.

My society car cleaner Mintuji called me just now to let me know that painting work has started in my building and the car needs to be moved. Unless I want some fancy artwork in my car. (It's a brand new black Limited Option, btw).

So what is the problem? - The problem is that I am not in town and I will not be back till mid-Feb. And I did not leave the keys with anyone there. It took 10 milliseconds to imagine me flying down to move my car 100 feet to save it from the artwork. Doable.

But then, I had a car cover in the boot which I had purchased before leaving but I did not put it on before leaving for reasons 'known' to me (that story is for another post).

Seeing no option here, I swiftly opened the Jeep Life app, pressed the unlock button and guess what? the car sitting 1,500 km away unlocked in exactly 2 seconds. Well, coming from a 2011 Hyundai, this was really fascinating.

Mintuji took the cover out. Closed the boot. I pressed lock. He confirmed. Work done. Good job Jeep.

Here's what BHPian deltasierra had to say on the matter:

This must be the first post I'm seeing with someone praising the Jeep Life app.

But appreciation where it's due since it was able to help you out with quite a sticky situation.

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