Scoop: Ford Endeavour loses features

Endeavour to lose features like active noise cancellation, scuff plates, 2 speakers and rear seat heater amongst others

Ford has deleted a few features from the Endeavour line-up from December 2020. Cars with their VIN after MAJAXXMRWALT00001 will lose these features.

The active noise cancellation feature will be deleted from all the variants while the 4X2 Titanium will lose the steel scuff plate at the front and 2 speakers. This variant will now have 8 instead of 10 speakers. 

The Titanium+ and Sport variants will lose the Aux Heater which is nothing but the heater for the rear seat occupants.

BHPian A.G. has also noted that the alloy wheel design of the 4X2 variants has been changed back to the earlier single-tone design. 

Thanks to BHPian LionX for sharing this with other enthusiasts.

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