Selling our 2014 BMW 530d M Sport: Buy a used E-Class or new Superb

A Seltos & ZS EV take on the day-to-day jobs, with the luxury car taken out only on occasion.

BHPian Arnav612 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi everyone.

This is the first and probably most confusing dilemma I have found myself in regarding my garage. Would love to resort to the forum to seek help.

Earlier, in July 2022, we sold our trust 2017 Mercedes C Class to an even more passionate individual, and for a price, we could not refuse. In the bargain, we got home a 2014 530d M Sport for a great deal again.

Now, you and I both know the various reasons to opt for a 530d M Sport regardless of its age. It also takes not much for a common man to understand the same with time. However, my father didn't end up seeming to be one of them. The hasty decision while treating us well with its rewarding 6 Cylinder madness, is now starting to go downhill ever since I came to the Netherlands for my studies.

The primary user of the car - my father, is starting to show disappointment with the car every day with its age-related upkeep, and in my absence, the issue is only amplifying. I always deterred him from the wild idea of selling it already, but not being there is making it sound unfair to me with every passing day, as at the end of the day, he is the one that needs to drive it, and maintains it.

Also just like many other luxury car users here, my car is a garage queen. Not by my choice, but just because we have a trusty Seltos and ZS EV to take on day-to-day jobs.

Moreover, my dad (in his 50s) being a sucker for luxury always misses his C-Class for reasons that:

  1. It was his first luxury car, and he drove it out of the showroom as fresh as ever.
  2. While the C-Class was a 2017 car, buying a 2014 model as a replacement was a hard pill for him to swallow either way.
  3. He misses the sense of opulence (wooden centre console, ambient lighting, fresher interiors) that the C offered as compared to the 5.

His mindset is that, for 3 mind-blowingly fast outstation trips a year, he didn't want to spend the rest of it in resentment.

As the devil's advocate as well, I do not find it fair for him to not enjoy his luxury barge no matter how much substance it might have.

So, I decided to tell him to go ahead with selling it if he likes so.

Since there was no need to hypothecate the 5 Series, any price it is sold at will not incur any losses in foreclosures or any of that. That being said, the 5 was meant to be a sheer stop-gap between his C and his next brand-new luxury barge in 2-3 years (2024/5).

But with the given circumstance, I have narrowed down to a few options for the next step in the course of action (In no order of preference)

  1. Opt for 2018/19 E-Class - There are a few E220ds going for mouthwatering prices by Shaman, and overall in the pre-owned market. The difference in price will be hypothecated. Today while suggesting, he was pretty content with the idea. He misses the sense of opulence a Mercedes offered, and says that he anyways had a 2017 C, so a 2018/19 E wouldn't be too bad a choice. But since the difference would be hypothecated, the car will be here to stay for a while, waving goodbye to the larger purchase plans in the near future
  2. Buy a brand new Skoda Superb - Dad loved this car from the get-go. In fact, it was a very realistic purchase even when the C-Class was being sold. Much easier on the maintenance front, 70% of the luxury of the 5 (Dad is mostly chauffeur driven in his luxury cars), brand new car. The only downside would be the Merc/BMW to Skoda transition (which matters to him), and the fact that being a brand new car, it would be here to stay for a while, shattering the plans for a bigger upgrade in 2024/25. The difference in price will be hypothecated.
  3. Sell the 5, and wait till we can buy something on the same lines, brand new. Downside: ZS is a strict city car, and I'm not sure how much to rely on the Seltos for everything else (Taking the 5's place is not easy for longer drives, and overall lacking the ownership of a luxury car after 6 years of owning one).
  4. Keep the 5. Spend on its upkeep once and for all. However, this only solves part of the problem - the mental block of a 2014 car still makes a difference, and I don't know how far the money spent would do justice, and for how long.

If it was a car for me, and it was my money, I would go for the last option hands down. It's part and parcel of owning an exotic of that kind. But in my absence, I don't find it fair to impose the same on my dad who likes to have his cake and eat it too, instead of sitting in the car with a mental block.

I want your suggestions as far as possible. Thanks in advance!

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Your 530d is now 9 years old and there will always be age-related maintenance requirements. These cars age very well though & can be kept in top shape. But if the Dad is unhappy, the Dad is unhappy. Best to sell it off while you still get some money for it.

I would suggest a pre-owned E-Class (since the man clearly loves his Mercedes), the new C-Class which is really what the E-Class was 10 years ago (if budget isn't a constraint) or a pre-owned GLC / GLE. The old man might appreciate the higher seating.

IMHO, he will be happy only with a Mercedes.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

The petrol E class is really boring to drive and I’m loathed to suggest diesel anymore if there is a better alternative.

In that context, how about considering a new or sparingly used Lexus ES 300 as the replacement? Its reliable, luxurious, and exclusive, and while nothing in that list is 530D driving pleasure, compared to the options you’re considering, the Lexus will hold its own if not be better to drive, petrol hybrid means you’re future-proof on the tech front and its a luxury car that he can own for a decade and more at a very reasonable (in luxury segment terms) cost of ownership.

Here's what BHPian Akshay1234 had to say on the matter:

To keep it short, it seems a better option will be to sell the 5 based on how you describe your father's irritation. Now is a seller's market, so you may get a good price currently too.

Since you are looking at the E class, why not find an E350? It will give some added refinement and fun with the 6-cylinder. Also, the 9-speed gearbox will be better than the 7-speed on the 2017 C you had and be reasonably fun to drive when you want. The only downside (if at all) is airmatic costs when they come up for replacement.

Here's what BHPian vishy76 had to say on the matter:

Having experienced the 530D, I believe what your dad is missing more than anything else is interior space. Externally, the 5 is quite a long car, but it hardly translates to acceptable amounts of interior space. In terms of the cabin, I don't find much of a delta between the W205 and F10 in terms of the quality of materials. In terms of design, yes, the F10 lags behind and understandably. We are essentially comparing cars almost half a decade apart.

The Skoda Superb is something I would rule out. All said and done, you have been owning cars from the big three for quite some time. Going for a Skoda now will be a downgrade in terms of the badge. One advantage is the fact that a brand new Superb won't hit you with big bills at least for the first 3-4 years of ownership.

Keeping the 5 is also not an option. The inherent flaws of the car are showing up and there's no real advantage in prolonging the pain. Running repairs such as the suspension, engine mounts etc will pop up now and then moving forward. She's 8 years old now.

The best option as you suggested is a pre-owned E220D. Get a later car with all the bells and whistles and a warranty if possible. The E has much better rear seat space, and better-looking interiors and also rides better than the 5 from a passenger perspective in my opinion. Your dad won't have any issues even if he wants to be chauffeur driven.

I see 2018-2019 used Es going for around 40-50L. If you want the previous generation, it's significantly cheaper at around 30-35L for 2014-2016 cars but there will be no warranty and running repairs won't be too far. Make a decision accordingly.

It's good that you have come to a decision regarding the 5. In the end, outright power and handling are not the only things that define what a car is. There are a lot of other factors. And some of these "other" factors are where you can fault the F10 easily.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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