Service your car yourself at Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice Services (MFC Services) has launched a new initiative called 'A Date with your Car' for car enthusiasts. As part of this, car owners will get a chance to service their cars themselves. This will also help educate customers by giving them a hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced technicians.

It is an appointment-based activity and those interested can log on to the MFC Services website to register. Car owners can come to the workshop on the appointed day and service their cars themselves. Trained technicians will also be at hand to help customers fix their vehicles. Customers will be provided with all the tools and equipment required for the job and more importantly, they wouldn't be billed for labour charges.

MFC Services has over 340 workshops across 24 states of India. The company offers periodic maintenance and spares for brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra.

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