Should I buy a 4200 km driven demo Audi Q2 as my first luxury car

It's an unregistered vehicle for which the dealer has quoted me a price of Rs 34 lakh.

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I have been offered a 4200 km driven unregistered demo Audi Q2 which has been in September 2021 billed car by a dealer. The dealer has quoted me 34 lakhs on road, Daman. It’s a Premium Plus II variant in white color and the condition looks good.

Q2 has been discontinued and there are no new cars available. Is this a good deal? I am not able to get a new Q2 anywhere and there is no other luxury car under 40 lakhs that’s available right now so I am kind of leaning into this deal.

So, 6 months warranty has already expired on this car and I can pay 60k more to get an extended 3 yrs warranty. The car is MY20 manufactured. He claims the car was only used for display seminars and small test drives.

What all should I check for in the car before finalizing it? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. Is it a good idea to get the Q2 at this time? How is the car holding up for you guys and should I buy this car, and should I also buy the service package?

Here's what BHPian Mechb63 had to say about the matter:

As far as I know, the Q2 has been discontinued worldwide. I do not think anything from the German brands would be coming in this price bracket any time soon.

You may wait for the Q3 which shall arrive soon, but going by the massive price hikes here and there, be ready to shell out more than 50 big ones for the car.

However, if you must buy a premium car in this price bracket, just go for this Q2. You will not find another premium car in this bracket ever again. As you said, the car is billed already which is why the warranty has started. The dealer will not go any lower on its price, come what may.

You could also consider the Skoda Octavia at this price point. A familiar drivetrain as the Q2 in a more spacious package. I hear there is a 21 make Style variant in the plant, you could bag a good deal on that car. The only drawback with the Octavia, I guess, would be the absence of the big badge.

Here's what BHPian sagpatel had to say about the matter:

Technically you will be the first owner of the car but isn't it already driven 4000 odd kms? If I were you, I would not buy a demo car as my first entry into the luxury segment. The demo car must have been driven/abused by a lot of people plus the 6-month warranty is already gone. Q2's backseat is nothing to write about, very cramped and the angle is upright making the people sitting at the back uncomfortable over longish journeys. And there are no grab handles in the car. Did I say it does not have a touchscreen as well? I don't hate the Q2, it is an absolute joy to drive but there are just too many compromises for 34L for a DEMO car IMHO. Also, do you have a proper address in Daman?

I was in a similar situation where I considered buying Q2 as my first entry into the luxury segment but I extended my budget and got A4 during Diwali time in 2021.

I would suggest you extend your budget and buy a proper luxury car. If you can not extend the budget now, I would suggest you wait for some time until you have saved enough to extend the budget. If you must buy a car now and now, please take a look at Octavia, C5 Aircross, Mini Countryman (may be out of budget as well) etc.

Here's what BHPian Sran had to say about the matter:

A discontinued model by march 2022. Ex-showroom price 45 lakhs, so OTR in Daman would be about 51 lakhs. If the above is right, the only dilemma you have is whether to buy a demo car or not, right, because you have no issues with the said model and specifications? So all this is now purely a financial decision, whether at 34 lakhs a demo car is worth or not and what may be the niggles?

If all this is right then; Sep 2021 built car with an extended warranty with 30% less money definitely makes sense. Go for it. Further do not hesitate to negotiate, most of us are very bad at negotiating, and I am one of them. But lately, I have started it but falter sometimes. What is the worst going to happen? He will not budge, fine that's okay. You were already ready to pay that amount so you'll pay it. Do ask for full waxing after polishing. Extended warranty is going to take care of most of the things. Scratches are part of car ownership, how much sleep are you going to lose on it. Every car gets a few.

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