Skoda Kushaq: 2 niggling issues noticed on a 6 month old car

Now this is where it gets even more confusing, at night only I had noticed the problem and in the day light, yesterday,

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Hello, to my lovely Car-nnoisseur! this is my first post so congratulations to me. Getting straight to business (advice). I own a MY23 Skoda Kushaq Style 1.0 MT so my road emperor has clocked 8300 KM recently in 9 months of ownership (a detailed review of my experience with the car will be dropping soon, all the niggles I encountered and good part I experienced of it.)

So, recently my car went to the "Pre-service inspection" which you get at 7500KM/6 months. I wanted to utilize it and another reason was that there were two problems the car had with its infotainment system. Whenever I play a song in the car, it would not reload or refresh the album picture of the song or it would show the cover of the previous song and second was the andriod auto not working. on my phone it would show connected but not on the infotainment screen. As for the context, i am dropping the image below:

Silly Problem Number 1

I was playing song and well this used to happen, my parents use the car as well but they don't think it's a big issue but for me it is a big issue so this was one of the problems I faced so I had to send him for rectification this bug. They told me there was an update for it, and update for andriod auto 14 for the car, so I sent the car.

Silly Problem Number 2

Now the sweet problem starts from here, the car was delivered at night because I wanted the car for the next day. I notice that my Left LED DRL strip light has this yellowish tint in it (tiny) i began to recall that is it because of the pre inspection where they undertake an inspection for 64 points of the car (lights being one of it) I start to question myself (my eyes too) like did it exist before or this showed up? I told my father and his response was epic.

  • ME: see Pappa, don't you notice it?
  • PAPA: Beta, the car is 6 month old now, ofcouse there will be a wear and tear going on.
  • ME: NO! It's not acceptable for an expensive car, especially not when its new one.

F few days I would go to office and check the headlights of Kushaq and even other cars to confirm and in some I could see yellowish tone while in some its crystal clear white. (it'd made me look like a creep everytime I kept on looking at the headlights of a car at a signal, what have I even become!)

Few days later, I called my Service advisor kept him on call showed him the picture of the light and and his words, "Sir, if there is an issue in light we can check and can replace under warranty but at a condition that there should be no damage internally and externally to the light only so we can send it back to Skoda and they can replace with a new unit saying its a manufacturing defect and if there is any damage, you'll have to pay for the new one."

He told me it will take him 3 days for the car in service station to check the light. I don't think I can live without a car for 3 days, I would need a spare car from them so I can do my daily commutes but thats the secondary thing.

Now this is where it gets even more confusing, at night only I had noticed the problem and in the day light, yesterday,

I took the picture at night and guess what the result would be? it seems alright. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON? but like if you look at it, you would notice the change. I am going to attach the pictures of the LEFT (affected) and right DRL for your references.

I really need the advice from you guys, is it normal? does this happen to all the cars with LED DRLS? is it worth changing? is it worthing getting inside your brain? should I move on and get back to life or should I claim it under warranty? (I am not ready to buy one for a new car)

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