Skoda service takes over 10 days to fix Kodiaq's rain sensing wipers

But then I love the car too much, so I guess I have to live with the bad service experience...

BHPian sameerg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had my first tryst with the infamous Skoda service last week. I have had a decent experience with VW ASS for the past 6-7 years and hence probably thought things would have improved with VW group in the country. Further, owning their most expensive product in the country, I was hoping they would treat the customer with more care.

I had bought a Kodiaq L&K in last June, I had done PDI with TBHP checklist and the only thing I didn't check was wipers. The reason being the windscreen was quite dirty and I didn't want wiper to scratch the windscreen.

Anyways, I bought the car and everything was fine. Just that the auto rain sensing bit never worked. The wiper in auto mode would also continue to work wether it rained or not.

At first I thought I don't know how it works, sent my driver to the showroom and showroom guy told him how to make it work. He told me what he had learnt, but next time when it rained the steps didn't work. I thought maybe we are doing it wrong and given lack of time visit to Skoda kept getting pushed.

Then about 3 months back, I myself went to Skoda service centre and the SA admitted that its not working. Said will have to change sensors, will take 3-4 days. He recommended that I send the car back on Monday since it was a Saturday, the service centre was full of regular service vehicles, and he would not start work on my vehicle before Monday. I also needed the vehicle and hence, thought this was a good idea. Again life took over and I missed sending the vehicle back.

This brings us to May 2024. With 1yr service coming up, I thought, let's get the issue sorted finally. Booked an appointment for 18th May and reached Tafe Access kudlu gate service centre. And the from the very start things started going bad

  • 18th May- Morning: SA inspects the vehicle...I say everything is fine except 2 things 1) Rain sensing wiper doesn't work, 2) The virtual foot pedal for boot opening never works. He notes these things down..starts to give me cost estimates and I stop him saying I have bought service package so it should all be covered. He looks disappointed and then starts looking at his computer. Takes him over 10 minutes and help from couple of people to actually find details of my package. Then he starts pitching me wheel alignment, balancing, AC cleaning etc. I tell him dont do anything. Don't even wash the car. Just service and fix the issues. Suddenly another SA (from the next seat) also jumps in and starts telling me how things can go wrong for the car if not maintained properly and I get these additional things done. I said I will get WB and WA myself and somehow said ok to AC cleaning. Guess it was pressure or I just wanted to get out. SA promised to call me by 3PM with an update on when I can pick the car
  • 18th May 4:30 PM- I didn't get a call, so I called the SA, and he has no idea about what is happening. 15 mins later again I call back and he says the the software for the wiper is being updated. Will take some time so I can pick the car on Monday morning.
  • 20th May morning: Again, I call; SA has no clue. Promises a call back. I call in the afternoon, said software is being updated still, will call back.
  • 20th May late. afternoon: No calls from SA. When I call, again the story of software update is told. I was confused as to how complicated is this update that has been going on since Saturday. I call the GM service requesting him to give me some clarity. He promises a call back but again dead silence. I call the SA again, he mocks me saying whoever you call, you have to come back to me only. I eat my pride and ask him what is happening. Says software update sir. Will give you the vehicle tomorrow.
  • 21 May Evening: This was their 3rd day with the vehicle, and again, they didn't get any updates. So I call and the SA says will check and get back. Again I call after an hr, SA says car is ready and I can pick up the next day. I told him since I am not in town on the 22 & 23, I will pick up the car on the 24 Friday.
  • 24 Morning: I call SA, fixed up a time and reached the showroom by 12 noon. Went to check the car, and the rain sensing part didn't work again. I asked SA if he had checked it, he starts looking here and there and starts calling someone. Some expert comes and told me that you dont know how to make it work. I politely ask to be taught. But it doesn't work. Now there are 4-5 people surrounding the car, they check another kodiaq. It works on the other one, on mine it doesn't. So now it becomes that it was working earlier not its not working. They ask me to wait for an hr and will update the software again. After one hr, they comeback saying they need to check with skoda on what is wrong, and can do anything after that. So I have two options either to leave the car there indefinitely since they dont know when skoda will get back to them or take the vehicle with me They promised to get back to be as soon as they hear from skoda. I decided to take the vehicle back but didn't agree to close the jobcard. Again bunch of folks tried to convince me but I refused.
  • 29th May: I get a call from SA that skoda has told them to update the ECU software and that I should get my vehicle back. We fixed the time for Monday,3rd June
  • 3rd June: I drop the vehicle. SA wants to keep it for 3 days. I am confused as to why an ECU update needs 3 days but I didn't want to get into a debate so agreed.
  • 4th June: No update from SA, I call in the evening as to check on what is happening. By now I dont expect him to have any idea, and that is what happened I call back after sometime. ECU update was happening apparently.
  • 5th June: This time I call in the afternoon only, Same story as previous day, on second call found out that ECU update didn't work, now they suspect either the sensor or wiring is the problem. They were checking both the parts. I call back in the evening to check it that worked. Apparently wiring and sensor are ok. Now they suspect the motor. I ask him how the motor be the issue when the wipers were actually moving. The problem should be with the detection and/or communication of a signal that it is raining or not. He had no clue.

Is this problem so unique and complicated that Skoda and its ASS haven't been able to diagnose it in 10 days?

BHPian sameerg also shares this update:

The car has been fixed now. The issue was with the coding in the car. And it's amazing how illogical the "big-fixing" approach at Skoda is. So here is how they went about trying to fix the issue:

  1. Update software related to the rain sensors.
  2. Update ECU software. I think the coding should have been checked/refreshed as part of this step or, at least, as the next step.
  3. Change the wiper stick
  4. Change the entire rear-view mirror assembly, sensors, gel etc
  5. Change wiper motor
  6. Open the bumper and dashboard and run parallel wire for the wiper system.

After doing all this and failing to fix the issue, someone thinks about checking the coding. I am not an expert, but shouldn't they check coding before taking intrusive measures like opening up half the car?

What is worse is apparently that all these steps were taken "under the guidance" of a "Skoda Expert" from the factory. 

But then I love the car too much, so I guess I have to live with the bad service experience..

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