Smaaash (Mumbai) now offers go-karting

Smaaash Entertainment is now offering go-karting in Mumbai. Located at Kamala Mills in Lower Parel, Smaaash and has a 70,000 square feet facility. It features activities for men, women and children, combining sports, music, dining and relaxation. The karting arena is located on the rooftop and called Sky Karting.

There are various packages available for which booking can be done online. Payment has to be done at the venue. Here's a quick glance at the rates for the various packages.




  • Karting 101 (3 minutes) - Rs. 250
  • Karting Advanced (6 minutes) - Rs. 400
  • Karting Grand (10 minutes) - Rs. 600
  • Karting Mega Grand (15 minutes) Rs. 900

Weekends and public Holidays:

  • Karting 101 (3 minutes) - Rs. 300
  • Karting Advanced (6 minutes) - Rs. 500
  • Karting Grand (10 minutes) - Rs. 800
  • Karting Mega Grand (15 minutes) Rs. 1,000

Smaaash is also running a special online offer in which it is offering Karting Advanced (6 minutes) on weekdays, weekends and public holidays at Rs. 400.

Click here to pre-book a karting package at Smaaash

Click here to read the rules and regulations of Sky Karting

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