Sold my 2020 Hyundai Creta after just 2 years & 6000 Km

The Creta petrol IVT is an excellent in-city and highway commuter.

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One last update in this ownership thread which was pending for some time:-

Phoenix (my Creta) found a new home in the second week of June. After the last week of April 2022 when Icarus (my XUV7OO) entered my garage, the running of my petrol steed had become extremely limited. In fact, out of the 31 days in May 2022, Phoenix went for in-city runs for only 5 days!

Blame me for this - I am old school and prefer my machines with stick shifters and twisting the key in ignitions. The Creta IVT with all it's luxurious features on offer was actually lazy and boring to live with. I guess push-button starts and AT transmissions are not made for me. Not at least I mentally retire from driving, completely.

Many in my friends and contact circles had their eyes on my immaculately maintained steed. Received an offer in the last week of May 2022 from a good lawyer friend of mine which exceeded my expectations and, with a promise of excellent maintenance and no call for complaints, I let Phoenix go. The ODO read 6,079 kms when it was driven away from in front of our home by it's new owner.

Came into my life at 14.94L ex-showroom price in July 2020 and went to the new owner at 13.80L final paid-up price in June 2022 after nearly 2 years of serving me dutifully, through the tough periods of my suffering severe lower back (sacrolumbar livoscoliosis), waist & left leg problems until they improved considerably in recent times.

The Creta petrol IVT is an excellent in-city and highway commuter. Plenty of in-cabin and boot space for an urban nuclear family and class-leading features on offer keep the feel-good factor going all through it's ownership. It isn't an enthusiast's car by any stretch of the imagination for sure. Just a point A to point B car, which most car owners would prefer once they are done and retired from an active life driving enthusiast offerings in cars. Hence I referred to it as your grandpa's car more often than not.

The Hyundai Creta surely has fantastic resale value, specially in Tier-3 cities and below. No wonder Hyundais are so much in demand around these parts.

Thank you, Phoenix. Serve your new owner well. And goodbye.

Here's what BHPian Ithaca had to say on the matter:

This has been, like all your ownership reviews, a repository of information about the Creta IVT. Thank you very much for sharing valuable information with the forum on every vehicle you have owned. The new owner is lucky to be getting a well maintained vehicle.

Kudos on the new 7OO - the “Icarus” - & I am sure that report too will be the go-to for many on this forum.

Here's what BHPian ahsvek3141 had to say on the matter:

As far as my knowledge goes, I think this is by far the shortest stint with any of your cars!

On a side note, as I still retain my Sept 2015 Creta , you have already let go 2 generations!

My Creta which I remember was bought during the same time as your ‘Lazarus’ will be completing 7 years in a month & if everything goes well, I am not letting her go for another 3 years for sure.

This pic is about a year old though.

Anyway, needless to say that you have got a fab replacement for the Creta and I hope that he serves you the max of all your cars!!

Wish you happy miles with the new one!

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