Sold my 3 year old Golf GTI for a profit, replaced it with a BMW M3

The Golf was replaced with a 2022 BMW M3 Competition.

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I have not updated this ownership thread for a while and here is a major one.

With crazy used car prices post COVID, I ended up selling this one in the summer of 2021 with a plan of replacing it with a proper performance vehicle. I tried several online retailers and Carvana gave me the best offer. I could have got a little more by selling it privately but I didn't want to go through the extra hassle. Even after owning it for almost two years and clocking 10k miles, I ended up getting more than what I paid for.

This vehicle will be dearly missed from the garage for several reasons.

  • It was a limited edition and had the right combination of options (blacked out exterior, traditional plaid seats, no sunroof, minimal driver assist features, no major issues or recalls, 6 year 72k mile warranty from factory) within the entire MYs of this platform.
  • It was built in the same timeframe when my son was born and he experienced his first 10 hour roadtrip when took delivery of this vehicle.
  • And finally, my TeamBHP membership was approved (after a 10 year long wait) on the day of taking delivery of this vehicle.

Owning two MK7 GTIs in the past, I love this platform and don't think any other vehicle in the market offers higher fun to price ratio. One doesn't have to spend tons of money to have a fun vehicle which is extremely practical as well. In addition, one can find plenty of support from reputed aftermarket companies to explore the complete potential of this platform.

With its garage mate

One final goodbye


Here is the ownership thread on the replacement vehicle.

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