Sold my Tata Hexa, bought a Toyota Fortuner

I was quick to realize how much value-for-money the Tata Hexa was 3.5 years back.

BHPian padmrajravi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I let go of my Hexa last week for a Fortuner. The primary reason for the upgrade was to satisfy the 4x4 itch that I had for a long time. I was also a victim of jokes by Tata's famed quality control department with a couple of warranty replacements in the second year.

The drive home from the showroom was my first ever drive of a Fortuner. I was quick to realize how much of value for money Hexa was 3.5 years back. Before reaching home, I counted at least 3 times where my family members exclaimed in Malayalam 'Hexa ividonnum kulungarilla' ( Meaning Hexa does not shake at this place ). There is a 500-metre bad road stretch before reaching my home where I usually blast through in the Hexa. By the time I reached there, I had gotten enough feedback from the car and my family to realize it will not be able to keep up with Hexa's reputation.

The AT box is another area where Hexa has a significant advantage over Fortuner. While the Fortuner is supposed to do the 0-100 run a whole 3 seconds faster than Hexa, in real life this does not translate into much. I felt the 30-70 sprint in Hexa was faster than Fortuner. Somehow Hexa's AT seems to have an edge even with the Varicor 400's turbo lag before 1500 rpm. What TML achieved with this gearbox and engine combination is really special.

To be honest, Fortuner does not feel like an upgrade from Hexa other than for the engine and 4x4. In my opinion, upgrading to Fortuner for a Hexa owner only makes sense if you have a thing for 4x4. Otherwise, you will not be able to justify your decision in front of your family. In my case, they clearly called me out saying I spent more than double the money for something less spacious and less comfortable. Tata really spoilt us with Hexa and there simply is nothing less than 50L that will feel like an upgrade, especially to the people who will spend their time in the second and third row.

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