Sold my Thar CRDe after 85,000 km of eventful ownership: Here's why

The Jimny is another story now. Not on my cards. The boot space would be a killer with the baby on board.

BHPian Dr_MNC_SK recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A baby boy in January and Thars limited to just me going to office on it, the Ciaz taking over the family responsibility. Something I already knew and was prepared.

A hunt for a new car was on the mind since long and I have the first Jimny booking of the state with not even the demo car around here until now. Still holding on to the booking as I am not able to take out time to go for a refund. (Hopefully should be this weekend)

My Compass S 4x4 AT getting delivered next week.

Wanted to sell the Thar. Asking for a fair price (50 % of actuals). A chap paid me advance and he couldn't manage the rest. Another was keen and took an extended test drive of over 200 Kms. His quote was unplatable. Thought the money would be chipped in the Compass plus Insurance would be less due to 50% NCB. Perhaps it was not meant to be sold. I managed to get a fair quote on Insurance without NCB Transfer and 404 remains a part of my life.

The compass was good on bad roads (no roads actually) but the love of proper low range and the clearance it has to offer will probably let me keep it alongside. Well may still sell it if i find an enthusiast who understands the value and pays my quote. If not then it will stay to Sunday Offroading with my son when he grows up.

The Jimny is another story now. Not on my cards. The boot space would be a killer with the baby on board.

Finally a swift deal and the vehicle is sold and registered to a new owner all within 48 hours.

It was quite sad to see it being driven off but looks like its going to be in good hands. The vehicle had quite become a part of our life in my circle as well and everyone knows the #fourknotfour. It shall remain to live through a V.2 in my new Compass Model S 4x4 which i got home the very same day from Celica Jeep Siliguri just before the deal for this was initialised and finalised all in an hour. I have retained my number SK01P0404 for the new vehicle and shall get it registered soon.

Hope to start an ownership thread soon. Posting some interiors of the Thar CRDe,the last ones which I had clicked.

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