Sold our used Toyota Innova after 6 years & 1.2 lakh km

The replacement for Innova is already booked, am using a Volkswagen Taigun till it arrives.

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Here is the last and final update on this car!

On the 19th of this month, we had finally parted ways with the Innova after nearly 6 years of ownership and 1.2L Kms of running (odo at the time of selling was around 1,96,750 Kms).

The reason for selling off the Innova was we wanted to go for AT car this time and being an 11-year-old car, the maintenance/expenses were piling up late. For instance, this car required new tyres, suspension overhaul, etc. which was costing us close to Rs 1.5 lakh and we weren't in a mood to splurge money on this car anymore.

And, later we realised that our usage doesn't warrant a 7-seater anymore since the car is mostly driven within the city limits and our highway trips got reduced off late.

Btw, this is the car, which we had retained for more than 5 years. We generally sell our cars within 4 years of ownership, but, due to covid and other reasons (our house purchase is one of them), we had to retain this car for a bit longer period.

The replacement for Innova is already booked and will arrive in another few weeks as told by my dealer.

For now, as a stop-gap arrangement, we are using the VW Taigun, which we had borrowed from a friend.

A final shot of Innova taken on the day of selling

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