Sonalika launches dedicated tractor range for potato farming

Sonalika ITL has launched a new tractor range that has specifically been engineered and developed for potato farming. This new range includes four new tractors: DI 745 III, DI 745 III Rx, DI 60 MM Super and DI 60 MM Super Rx. These tractors are currently available in major potato growing markets of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Sonalika claims that the new range of tractors has been customized in accordance with the needs and problems faced by potato farmers. One of the biggest limitations of using tractors in potato farms is the wastage due to crushing. However, Sonalika claims to have adjusted the track width of these models in accordance with potato farming implements, thus minimizing chances of crushing potatoes.

Further, these tractors get a smaller turning radius that helps in manoeuvring it between the tracks of potato farming. They are also equipped with specially designed hydraulics that enhance their performance on well-drained soil, something that is essential for potato farming.

Out of the four launched tractors in the potato farming range, the DI 745 III and DI 745 III Rx are placed in the 47 HP category, while the DI 60 MM Super and DI 60 MM Super Rx are a part of the 55 HP category.

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