Switched from Skoda Yeti to VW Tiguan: Buying & initial impressions

The VW dealer has called me at least 4 times in these 2.5 months to check if everything is okay or not.

BHPian Sri_In recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Proud VW Tiguan owner

Having test-driven the Big 3 Germans & the Swedish major multiple times, I'd narrowed it down to VW Tiguan. Did the pre-booking in Nov 2021 for the much-awaited petrol variant of Tiguan with VW Capital, New Delhi. Some delay on our end in finalising the colour (Black colour), some delay from the dealer and a lot of delay due to the Ukraine-Russia problem resulted in delivery dates getting pushed further & further.

Long story cut, I finally managed to get the delivery of my Tiggs (That's what I call my baby) on 30th April (just before the price hike was announced).

The SA was a very nice guy and kept me updated on the progress. Around the end of March he informed me that hardly any black colour is coming and, sometime in mid-April, he gave me an alternate option with the Dolphin Grey colour (the owner was not in India). Finally, when I saw it in person, I started drooling over it!

Very smooth paper process and delivery (all within an hour) formalities completed and I must say, a proud owner of something I wanted since 2019.

First impressions

  • Looks... just wow!
  • Luxurious interiors
  • Predictable and practical functions
  • Very spacious
  • Power on tap
  • Powerful AC

Not so good

  • Sluggish pickup in Eco mode. Now I've started using the S mode to start and ease to Eco mode once a decent pickup has been achieved.
  • Fuel guzzler! Switching from Skoda Yeti, this is indeed a fuel guzzler (I'm yet to achieve a double-digit figure in city driving).
  • Though it's a good feature, the front & rear sensors are very sensitive and LOUD!

Besides this, I'm not really missing the wireless Android Auto / Apple Car play / the wireless charger / 360-degree camera / ADAS features.

The dealer and VW team have called me at least 4 times in these 2.5 months to check if everything is ok. This gives me a feeling of being cared about.

Overall, I'm happy that I went ahead with my choice.

Here's what BHPian R_R had to say about the matter:

Congratulations! It's a very sweet ride.

Good to hear that the AC has been good because there have been some mixed reports on it. How do you find the ride, since that's been a discussion point here too?

Also, did you take the extended warranty? Please do post some photos, when you have time. I am waiting to see what Hyundai offers in Tucson before I decide which way to jump.

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