Taking old Mercedes cars on long road trips in India

It was peak summer & the coolant pipe burst when I just reached Khimsar fort resort and stopped the car.

BHPian 123.rishabh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Have been using my 2005 W220 S350 for highway runs only, since I stay in Delhi NCR & it cannot be used in the city due to NGT rulings.

Recently took a trip from Delhi to Jhansi via Gwalior & Orchha. The car performed flawlessly without any hiccups.

In Orchha, Google maps redirected us via a village and had to manage driving on the narrowest of roads full of traffic.

The second trip was in the month of May from Delhi to Jodhpur.

It was peak summer and I faced an issue of a coolant pipe burst (Engine to the Cabin heater core) when I just reached Khimsar fort resort and stopped the car. Thankfully the resort is home to a lot of vintage cars and their mechanics helped me replace the pipe with a makeshift arrangement and I could continue my 5-day trip without any other issues.

BHPian PhantomLord shares about his long trips in his old Mercedes E-Class W124.

I have done almost all my long trips in my 1995 W124. The longest one was in 2019, Coorg to Gujarat. Nothing like driving the W124 all day - reasonably fast, comfortable, feels safe and handles anything Indian roads can throw at it. I even took it off-road at Gir.

Gujarat Travel Map

124 @ Dwarka

124 @ Rann: Matches MB's White + Marble grey paint combination?

Lost on Road to Dholavira: Good Samaritan helped me get out of the village, he himself got lost for a bit though.

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