Tata Altroz diesel ownership: 52 days & 5000 km

My Tata Altroz diesel returned a fuel efficiency figure of the 18.9 km/l.

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Odometer: 5,100 km

It has been 52 days since Altroz became my daily driver. I have used my Storme and kwid for about 10 days in between. The Altroz has been an excellent primary ride for the other 42 days.

The 5k milestone!

The fuel efficiency has stayed impressive. Overall tankful to tankful fuel efficiency for the entire 5100 km is 18.9 km/l.

The last couple of tank fulls have been brilliant

Never believed cruise control can be useful in Indian conditions. I was wrong and how! I have been using cruise control even on rural roads I can cruise as low as 30 km/h in 3rd gear.

The boot is being used more than I thought it would be.

Be it Christmas sweets for my staff.

Or a few 20L water cans (note the single boot light)

My work locations and the homes have properly covered car parks

But everything in between, the car is exposed. In my opinion, the Altroz looks sweeter in the wild. I just hope no kid keys it when parked out on the roads. That bright red can be inviting!

Instances like this make me diss Tata for not giving 195 section tyres for diesel models. My next tyre upgrade will definitely be 195/60 if not 205/55 R16. Normally the stock 185 section tyres don't look under tyred at all, but such exceptions like this make it look puny.

While regular car health checks, I noticed the windshield wiper reservoir inlet mouth and got surprised to see this.

The inlet had a plastic mesh to filter particles that might clog the wiper spray nozzle. Good job Tata!

As usual, some pics.

At the time when both the brothers decided to refill our steeds at our regular bunk at the same time. You might notice the absence of the front number plate in the Harrier. That is the result of some aggressive water wading by him. Asked him to not do that again. Lol.

With the sporty Kushaq

Painting it red, with a random red Altroz

I have not seen a manufacturer with an obsession for rear fog lamps like Tata. Altroz gets just one, while the Storme gets 2

With 3.5 hours of average daily driving, the car becomes a sort of a second office, often times seeing the coffee breaks. The Altroz interior is one nice place to be.

The next update will be the 2nd free service update, which is scheduled at 6500 - 7500 km. I might be doing it in the first week of the New Year. One more cool stuff I like in the Altroz - Cornering fog lamps. Really useful! I will try to capture a shot clip of cornering fog lamps in action along with the 2nd service update.

Now it has completed 5100 trouble-free kilometres. I am sure (hope) it will stay so for 50k, 100k, 150k and so on.

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