Tata Altroz fuel efficiency on highways: Superb figures under 100 km/h

After driving very aggressively for more than half the month, I decided to be gentle & the results were evident.

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Routine Month-End Report

Odo: 24670 km

July Usage: 2830 km

Altroz chugging kilometers as usual.

Fuel Efficiency for July 2022

As per MID: 18.3 kmpl

Actual FE (T2T method): 17.83 kmpl

Not bad, considering the fact that I was driving very aggressively for more than half the month. This resulted in consistently poor fuel efficiency figures after each tank full.

I made it a point to drive more gently and the results were evident. Altroz diesel gives superb fuel efficiency on highways when the speeds are less than 100 kmph.

One such MID figure after a sedate drive

The actual FE through tankful method was also great

My Storme was driven 800 km and 2021 Celerio was driven 300 km in July. Storme has settled in 12 kmpl and Celerio throws ridiculous FE figures on MID when driven sedately on highways.

Some pics with my brother's 2022 Safari XZA+

With the 2018 Storme Varicor 400

It has been 9 months since the purchase of Altroz. In another 3 months /10000 km, I might be looking to replace the tyres. 195/55 R16 UC6 it will be mostly.

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