Tata cheapens again; now the Hexa loses more features


Remember this thread about Tata deleting small features from its cars? Well, Tata strikes again. We are extremely disappointed with this cheap cost-cutting by the company. 

Now, the Hexa - a car many BHPians like & own - loses small bits here & there. Just makes us wonder how many rupees has Tata saved by cheaply cutting such features. 500 - 1000 bucks on their flagship car which has variants costing over 20 lakhs on the road? I don't think Tata understands the definition of a 'premium product'. Here's a list of features just deleted:

  • Dual tail-pipe converted to single tail-pipe in the XE, XM, XMA, XM+ and XT variants. 
  • Chrome deletion from the drive control switch - Lower Ring in the XM & XM+ (Rs 75, we're guessing!!!). 
  • Deleting the side a/c grill bezel, door trim strip & glovebox strip in piano black IMD. 
Power to the people