Tata Nexon diesel AT ownership: Mileage, niggles & issues after 50000km

The best fuel efficiency figure I've managed to achieve is an impressive 25 km/l.

BHPian adityasiera recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My XZA+ Diesel has completed 50k last week.

Issues & Upgrades

I also had the water pump leakage issue at around 29k and was replaced under warranty by Prerna motors.

I replaced my tyres at 38K as we had our second south-north trip planned and she was a blast on the highways

Super comfy and rapid highway cruiser. We did Nagpur to Noida in about 15 hours and still reached out to hotel Daisy fresh.

On my second set of brake pads now.

Net I am in for at least another 100k kms in this beast.

Fuel Efficiency

The best FE I achieved was in sport mode at 90 km/h from BLR to Kurnool at 25 km/l.

The worst FE achieved is Kurnool to hyd in sport mode of 12km/l and when right foot got heavy.


The car jerks after about an hour in Bangalore traffic. Maybe the AMT heats up in crawl mode. She has not spent more than 5k kms in city traffic so far, maybe the gearbox didn't learn??

Android auto and head unit have a mind of their own but work better with an iPhone connected. At least that stupid prompt to connect doesn't come.

She doesn't like bad fuel. I prefer tanking up only at Nyara/Reliance and big COCO outlets. Twice on the south-north trip, we had filled up at random pumps and instantly a ton of errors including automatic drive mode change came up and she went into limp mode. And these errors went away as soon as we stopped for our next fill-up on-route to the nearest service centre. Once between Nirmal and Nagpur and another time between Sagar and Gwalior.

Not sure if anyone else had the issue.

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