Tata Nexon EV Max: 8 likes & 8 dislikes after 1,400 Km of ownership

Running costs come to about Rs. 1.2 per km.

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My likes and dislikes after 52 days and 1400 km with the Nexon EV max.

My EV max is driven by myself and my 2 chauffeurs almost exclusively within city limits.

The only out of city trip was the trip after delivery from Madurai to Tirunelveli (155 kms) since I booked the car from Madurai.


  • Supremely comfortable and refined with absolute silence in the cabin. All you can hear is road and wind noise that too at speeds only above 80 kmph.
  • Suspension is perfectly tuned for our roads. You can easily drive over a broken road at 60 kmhr and yet wont feel a thing. Absolutely no worries regarding ground clearence.
  • Steering perfectly suited for sedate and spirited driving and extremely comfortable and light during parking speeds, 3 point turns etc., My better half gave an instant approval for this after the TD since she found it feather light after having driven the likes of i20, polo
  • Seats are supportive with just the right cushioning at the front not so at the rear where you sit a bit knees up. I haven't had any complaints from my family members.
  • The rotary gear selector is a bit "Jaguar" ish but it's well made and very responsive albeit a few micro seconds lag between changes which all owners will get used to over time.
  • The regen levels are extremely helpful in getting the more out of your battery. I found levels 1 & 2 are more than adequate for usage within city limits.
  • AC is perfect and works well for my climatic conditions where average temperatures hover between 30 -35 degrees even during monsoon and winter months. I found a setting of 20-22 degrees with fan blower speeds 1-2 is more than adequate to cool a fully occupied cabin effectively.
  • The Economy and "Go green" factor. I've hardly spent around 1600 INR ( 1 unit = 8 INR) for the Kms driven which equates roughly to about 1.2 INR per Km. If you have solar you'll be literally be driving at Zero cost.


  • Poor quality checks and inconsistency in fit and finish. TAMO's tradition continues with the EV max too. I have identified at least 10 quality issues right from the date of delivery in the likes of boot needing repeated attempts to close, beading and roof liner coming off in some places, interior panel gaps etc. Hoping to get them rectified during 1st service.
  • Knees up seating position in rear seats. I felt it a bit uncomfortable over a long drives, but many in my family haven't had any complaints so far.
  • Paint finish is pathetic. My detailer pointed out at least 10 spots where he could see dust within paint and said that he's surprised on how a brand new car can have that.
  • If you are a spirited driver you'll drain your battery soon. City mode likely to give you 170 -190 Wh/Km whereas ECO mode returns around 150 - 160 Wh/Km. Sport mode is likely to give you thrills and oomph but will drain your battery quicker.
  • Slow charger at home takes an awfully long time of around 14 hours for a full charge.
  • Lack of charging infrastructure in my city. So I'm entirely dependent upon home charging now but will be an issue if going out of city.
  • Yet to experience TAMO's service as I'm due for my 1st service soon. But if other customer reviews are to be believed I might be in for some surprises.
  • Z connect app badly needs an update and is often found lacking in certain aspects. It doesn't really to show the ODO reading nor does it update it from the car. The energy efficiency shown by it is touch and go as it doesn't really correlate with the car and my driving style.

That's my little experience with the EV max now. Will post more updates after my 1st service soon.

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