Tata Nexon EV max: Real-world range, TPMS installation & other updates

I also got an internal TPMS system installed for Rs. 2,500 all inclusive, for 5 wheels.

BHPian varkey recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got an internal TPMS installed today (JK Treel) on my Nexon EV. I didn't realise it was this cheap; paid ~ Rs 2500 for all 5 wheels incl balancing and weights.

I got it done at Popular Tyre Care, Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam, Kerala.

  • Treel TPMS - Rs 350 per piece
  • Balancing - Rs 125 per wheel
  • Weights - Rs 200

So total came to Rs 2575 incl. installation and everything. The tyre shop owner was upfront that this comes as part of JK's Smart Tyre, however he said no problem with warranty at all. If at all I face any issues, I just need to drop in at the same shop and they will just do a swap right there. He said the warranty is for 5 years. The shop is a well established one, so I don't think they'd shut shop anytime soon.

The spare tyre has a non-alloy wheel, I think the technician had to use a riser of some sort to get it to fit, there were no such issues with the alloy wheels. Another observation I made was, it takes much longer to fill air when the Treel TPMS is installed, with the regular valve, the air gets filled much faster.

So those of you, in and around Ernakulam, can try this shop, this is the shop selling at the lowest price, I think I had enquired with pretty much all JK dealers within the area.

In other news, drove from 100% to 16% over the last 2 days, and trip meter shows 224 km, and extrapolating that comes to 267 km actual range. The drives were mostly in city mode, driving like I drive my ICE car, no opportunity for cruise control. This consisted of multiple 15-30 km trips, some idling with just the AC on. Ambient temps were mostly around 33-35 degrees with the AC set to 23-24. I didn't check, but I have a feeling that the tyres were in-adequately filled, which might have contributed to the relatively lower range.

Will be driving to Bangalore sometime in the next couple of days, would then have the opportunity to test it properly on highways with cruise control.

I checked with couple of sellers for 7D mats. Seller UrbanWheels on Amazon said it should fit, although they don't have a specific variant and said they have sold to other Max owners and nobody has complained. He was okay for me to return it if I am not satisfied, so I went ahead and ordered it, should come sometime this weekend.

Another seller I checked with is 7d mats India. He said he has an EV specific (not Max) variant and it would be a proper fit. I shared my concerns and the video of the Tata mats. He said he has sold to other Max owners and it is a good fit, he even showed a WhatsApp conversation with someone he claims to be a buyer who owns an EV Max, where the buyer confirms its a good fit on the Max.

I will wait for the Hi Art 7D mats from UrbanWheels, if its not a good fit, will go for 7D Mats India. Price after discounts for Hi Art is 4.7k and 7D Mats India is 6.3k.

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