Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition: Buying experience & initial impressions

Based on my driving style (relaxed cruising on highways for long hours), I am very satisfied with my choice of going with the Nexon.

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Happy to share my (very satisfying) buying experience of the Nexon XZ+(P) Petrol Kaziranga Edition.

Showroom visit and booking:

  • I visited KHT Whitefield Showroom in Bangalore.
  • Staff was helpful and generous with test drives. I test drove the Altroz Turbo on first visit and then Nexon on second..
  • Booking process was easy was kept transparent. Most times I communicated with the salesperson on Whatsapp for documents and everything.
  • I booked the car on June 4 and was given a waiting time of 4 to 6 months.

Vehicle allotment and registration:

  • Miraculously the car was allotted to me on June 21!
  • My salesperson told me that it has dispatched from Gurgaon and will reach Bangalore in 7 days.
  • True to his word, he called me and confirmed on 28 June that the car has arrived.
  • He promptly took me to the stockyard to let me have a first look and examine the car.
  • Car was in good condition (I expected it to be covered in dust). No issues were found after doing a Team BHP style PDI.
  • RTO registration was complete on July 01 and number was generated on July 02. I am very impressed by the Karnataka RTO for such fast processing! I am not sure if this is common or they treat company leased vehicles (my case) on higher priority.


  • Since the number plate takes a few days to arrive I had to wait till July 07 for delivery.
  • I was given very thorough features overview.
  • The final checklist before delivery was done promptly.
  • All documents were neatly put in a file before handing them over to me.

Overall experience:

I was skeptical after reading about so many unpleasant experiences but I am very satisfied with how they handled each and every aspect of the process. There was full transparency and prompt communication. It seems that Tata has put in some serious work in improving the customer experience.

Likes and dislikes:

Before buying my own, I have driven my parents' Nexon petrol for 3k km. Here are my observations:


  • Build quality and safety.
  • Looks! Specially the blacked out elements in Kaziranga Edition.
  • High speed stability.
  • Suspension setup.
  • AC performance.
  • Quality of speakers.
  • Steering feedback.
  • Driving comfort.
  • Mileage (I consistently get 17-20kmpl on highways).


  • Vibrations: Can be felt on steering wheel on hard acceleration. This can be expected from a 3 cylinder engine but I have found that Hyundai/Kia's 3 cylinder turbo petrols feel much smoother.
  • Power delivery: There is enough punch for quick overtakes in city as well as on highways but the power delivery doesn't feel satisfying. Maybe my Dominar 400 has spoiled me with its fierce and smooth power delivery.

Based on my driving style (relaxed cruising on highways for long hours), I am very satisfied with my choice of going with the Nexon.

My parents' Nexon has completed 35k km. It too had some minor issues (which car doesn't?) but they are overall very happy with their ownership experience.

I will post a detailed ownership experience after I spend atleast an year with my Nexon .

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