Tata Nexon petrol: Fuel efficiency & running costs after 8,000 km

Fuel efficiency ranges from 8-9 km/L in the city to 15-17 km/L on the highways.

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Tata Nexon – First Year Review.

  • Model : XZ+(O) 2021 Petrol
  • Buy date : 01-09-2021
  • Cost per KM – Rs. 23.552
  • Kms Run - 8100
  • Refueling Costs - Rs. 74,137 (693.7 Litres)
  • Expenses - Rs. 1,18,458
  • EW – Rs. 20,000
  • AMC – Rs. 38,702
  • OD Renewal – Rs. 17,173
  • Fast Tag – Rs. 5,000
  • Car washes – Rs. 12,499
  • Anti Rust – Rs. 3,500
  • Seat Cover - Rs. 8,000
  • Others & service – Rs. 13,584

Service costs :

  • 1st Service : Rs. 1,107 (High I Know, was fleeced)
  • Ad-Hoc Service : Rs. 284
  • 2nd Service : Rs. 620
  • 3rd Service : Rs. 565
  • Total : Rs. 2,576

Owning a car has become very expensive today!!!

The car has been a breeze to drive and haven’t had a reason to regret the selection so far except for Tata service which remains more of a miss than hit. Three scheduled services and one ad-hoc service completed. The Ad-Hoc service necessitated due to noise from the front wheel at higher speeds >80. For that Front pivot bush and ball link joint was changed under warranty, additionally wheel balancing was done FOC but was charged for some labor work.

The car has seen city driving (Chennai )40 % and Highway driving 60% – mainly Chennai - Trichy and Chennai – Bangalore routes and mileages are in range 8-9 in the city and 15-17 in the highways. Even when fully loaded with 5 people and luggage, haven’t felt the need for extra power from the engines in sports mode and with RPM >2000. Turbo lag is very noticeable in the lower RPMs especially when fully loaded.

There is occasional gear slotting issue when shifting to first or reverse gear. From reviews and comments in various forums this seems a common issue with Nexon gearbox. Complained about the same during all the 3 services and no fix currently for this except lubricating. I was asked if the gearbox can be opened to check but I am hesitant to give the go ahead considering there is no solid fix yet.

The car is more of a cruiser than a city beater. Cruising around 100-103 gives the best FE from my observation. Once did a 700 KM journey in the same day, and there was minimal tiredness or fatigue.

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