Is the Tata Punch EV a perfect city car: Owner talks about the range

It's been a week and a half since I bought my Adventure LR variant.

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It's been a week and a half since I bought my Adventure LR variant and the Odo is already at the 350 km mark. I am getting only 210-220 kms of range on my Adventure LR, (extrapolated figures for 0-100), but that's mainly because I think that the AC has to work overtime at maintaining 21 degrees when it's a sizzling 39 degrees outside, and have also used the charge up to stay in the car and run the AC for upwards of ten minutes when parked, which I learned drains a lot of charges. Plus, I have had a bit of fun with it, and have enjoyed the silly acceleration a lot in the first week, so taking all that into consideration, it is a good range. The economy mode makes very little difference to range, all it does is worsen the driving experience in my opinion. Sports though, sucks charge like a battery vampire.

When temperatures cooled down to around 24 degrees, and I drove sedately, I used up just 2 percent for 10 kms. I think most folks who aren't hypermiling will at best get somewhere around 200 kms of range from 100 to 20 charge, I'd surely love to be wrong and get more, but the SA himself said 290 is the best possible in ideal conditions. But still, 200 kms of effective range covers me more than enough for one week in the city.

But that's the advice for anybody considering an MR variant, don't. I think you'd struggle to even get 150 in this sort of heat, and that's just a little too little of a range. Plus the auto hold on the LR variants is a real blessing in traffic. So if you want something VFM, try to stretch to the Adventure LR, and if you want all the bells and whistles, go for the Empowered + LR. Empowered + LR( without sunroof or ACFC), and at the proper insurance amount is somewhere around 15.2 on the road in Bengaluru. And it's comfortably better than anything else you'd find at that price.

If you already have a good main car at home, I'd really suggest the Adventure LR variant. It's a proper 1.5 lakhs cheaper, and driving-wise, there's absolutely no difference. The infotainment is a little smaller but has the same fluidity and functionality, and with regards to the instrument cluster, I frankly like the semi-digital one more. You get auto hold, you get the same driving experience, you get a pretty decent reverse camera, and it's the perfect city car.

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