Tata rolls out some updates for the Nexon

Thanks to BHPian RavenAvi for sharing this information with other enthusiasts!

Tata Motors has released a few updates for the Nexon. These are concerning the projector headlamp and key fob as well as a software update for the Harman infotainment system. 

Projector headlamps are available on the XZ and XZ+ variants of the Nexon. The update requires the low beam H7 bulb to be removed from its holder. Silicon pads are then inserted in the housing in such a way that the wiring harness does not touch the projector unit. While, the reason behind this cheap and easy fix is unknown, it appears that the silicon pads are being placed to prevent the wiring from getting fried by the hot projector unit.

Meanwhile, Harman has rolled out a couple of software updates for the Nexon's head unit, since the car's launch. The last stable update was released in November 2017. Another software update (Version 4, February 2018) is likely to be rolled out soon and is currently in its Beta phase. Some Nexon owners have reported Bluetooth issues, while in case of others, the head unit freezes momentarily after ignition. These and other ICE-related issues are likely to be resolved with the software update.

Another minor update is related to the Smart key, which is offered on the XZ+ variant. Tata Motors is replacing the plastic battery cover on the key fog.

The carmaker is also working on an update for the body control module (BCM) which controls various electronic components like power windows, power mirrors, air-conditioning, central locking, immobilizer, etc. However, according to the information received from an authorized service centre, the BCM update has been temporarily put on hold, since it reportedly makes the BCM module unstable.

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