Tata Telcoline fitness certificate: Will misplaced seats affect renewal

In the last 14.5years, I have misplaced (or rather lost) somewhere, the original canopy and the jump seats.

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As I have mentioned on this forum before, I have a Telcoline 4x4 I bought in early 2008, first hand back when I was living in India/Pune for a short while (about a year).

I think it is registered as a 8+1 or 10+1 seater (I don't remember, how many people the jump seats on the load platform supposed to carry. Anyway in the last 14.5years, I have misplaced (or rather lost) somewhere the original canopy and the jump seats (I think I repurposed them for a Gypsy). I don't know what happened to the canopy.

Now the question is for FC I will have to revert the vehicle to how many ever seater it was? So will I have to now build myself a soft-top and seats? It is a MH12 registration vehicle. Anyone has gone through a FC process for a crew-cab pickup like this one which was registered as more than 5 seater?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

To know more about the process of renewing the fitness certificate, click here. Your vehicle has to fundamentally be in good shape.

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You can reduce seats, but not increase. The TL is officially a 11 seater: 1+1+3 and 3+3 at the back. You can remove the seats from the back, and still get the FC. I think I have mentioned in your other thread that you need to get the basic parameters in place rather than the other aspects - color not faded, emission, insurance, all electricals working including wipers, Chassis & Engine numbers unchanged. Also to be safe, not to have any extra fittings that will alter the dimensions of your vehicle - stuff like aftermarket fairing kits etc.

The Gypsy is a 8 seater, but many a Gypsy go for a FC renewal without the rear bench seats.

Here's what BHPian Shubhendra had to say on the matter:

No. Remove all additional fittings, lights, bars, wide tyres etc. all lights, indicators, wipers etc should be functional , no sun film and most importantly get a GOOD RTO AGENT and you are sorted.

I or someone from my friend circle have been getting the repassing done from MH12 and MH14 almost another month. If the vehicle is stock and functional, you are sorted.

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