Tata Tiago EV: Worthy replacement to my perfectly reliable Etios?

The dilemma is that while Tiago EV suits our requirement to a T, the Etios is working so well, it begs the question: why fix something that's not broken?

BHPian rrsteer recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I booked a Tiago EV when it was launched with the thought of replacing our Etios. I made the booking thinking will make the final decision whenever the booking comes to fruit. The Etios in question is a VX petrol, 12 years old and has been driven for 77k kms. Its our second car and used only in the city. The demands from the second car is just to be a reliable means of transport for daily errands.

The Tata dealership is now ready to honour the booking and I need to make a decision fast.

The dilemma is that while Tiago EV suits our requirement to a T, the Etios is working so well, it begs the question: why fix something that's not broken? Another equally important consideration is if I should wait 2-3 more years for a more 'futuristic' grounds up small EV like BYD Seagull? Just like the Etios, we will hold on to this car for a longer time so obsolescence is a factor that plays in my mind. But given the purpose, I am loathe to spend more than INR 10-12 lacs on the second car.

To help make the decision, I made the following list of points for both the choices:

Tiago EV:

  • Seems perfect for the usage pattern - multiple trips a day for a total distance covered of no more than 25 - 30 kms
  • No hassles with home charging whatsoever; infact I fell for this very idea - your own petrol pump!
  • Potentially zero running costs (as a result of state govt. offering some free units per connection and us having an unused connection. Even so, we have rooftop solar that mostly powers the house)
  • I believe it would be cheapest to purchase the car now - launch price benefit + PB govt recently waived off registration charges for EVs + the exchange price from Etios will only reduce in the future + expect new cars (especially EVs) to only get costlier
  • New car benefits - more features, nicer interiors, compacter dimensions, better drive for the city (comparatively less space not an issue)
  • But, with the Etios running so well, at the moment feels like an unjustified cash outflow of atleast 8lacs
  • Tata Motors' quality and service remains a hit or a miss


  • It provides an exceptionally trouble free ownership experience (which is most important)
  • Just love the Etios - very practical, juicy engine, nice handling, ample space and robust build (no rattles!)
  • Toyota's consistent and fuss free service experience
  • Being a petrol, and the city mileage of around 9kmpl - has a monthly running cost of ~INR 4-5k (for EV it would be almost nothing)
  • All said and done, it is old, so can expect potentially expensive maintenance bills (but just got its annual service done, currently its fit as a fiddle)

What do you advise?

Here's what BHPian ferrarirules had to say on the matter:

My two cents, you can evaluate it this way. Say you keep the current car for another 3 years

1. Based on your running, you will spend 50,000k in running cost an year additional over an EV which imputes a value of 1.5 lakhs.

2. The free registration is not going to be there forever. That is another 1 lakh Rs of benefit.

3. Calculate the resale value your etios will lose over next three years.

So 2.5 lakhs + loss of resale value is what you are looking at gain in the next three years.

Now coming to the cars, there is no doubt that Toyota cars are mechanically brilliant but the car won't have the creature comforts of a new car. Plus the peppy, smooth and effortless drive of an EV will be an pleasent upgrade

Here's what BHPian Comrade had to say on the matter:

Why replace whats not broken? Both are just econo boxes (daresay almost appliances) meant for frugal commuting. Its not like Tiago.ev is your dream car that you have to take a hard decision. Also, given the minimal usage, the savings in fuel + maintenace probably wont negate the high upfront cost + increased insurance costs (due to higher IDV). Keep etios unless annual maintenance costs are very high.

Here's what BHPian dsuman had to say on the matter:

Here is my perspective.

My brother is a Doctor who recently bought a Tiago EV. His workplace is 50kms away making it 100kms round-trip. He also has a Vento Petrol. Before Tiago EV he used to commute via Vento and the monthly fuel cost came out to be ~ Rs 18000.

Tiago has been with him for 4 months and he commutes via Tiago EV everyday. His monthly electricity bill now is Rs 3500/- an increase of Rs 1000 approx after he started charging (Fast Charger) the EV at home.

So atleast my brother has been saving around Rs 17000 per month which makes it 17000 x 4 = 68000/-

Believe me if your usage is high then you will recover the cost of the car even before you realize. So go ahead and buy it if you want. You will be literally driving free of cost since you have a solar plant.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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