Team-BHP renders the 2014 i20 hatchback

The 1st generation Hyundai i20 was first launched in 2008 and the South Korean car maker gave the Fluidic design treatment to the i20 last year. However, the i20 Fluidic continues to be based on the same platform as that of the non-fluidic model. This means that the platform will be 6 years old in 2014. Therefore, it is about time for a new i20 based on an all-new platform. Apart from test mules of the new car being spotted internationally, the next-gen i20 has also been spotted in India. The new car is likely to see an international unveil next year.

As demand for B+ segment hatchbacks grows in India, Hyundai is likely to launch the next-gen i20 here, soon after the car's international launch. Team-BHP's rendering artist AntlerRoad has put together a couple of speculative renders of the next-generation 2014 i20 hatchback. From the renders, it is clear that the 2014 i20's design geometry is a progression or evolution of the Fluidic design philosophy. The car is likely to get slightly larger considering the larger dimensions of the i20's direct competitor, the 2014 Honda Jazz. 

Along with the larger dimensions, expect the i20 to continue flying the flag of it being the segment leader when it comes to features and creature comforts on offer. The new i20 is likely to further raise the bar by offering those features and creature comforts only available in cars positioned a segment or two higher. Petrol and turbo diesel engines may be carried over unchanged. Both manual and automatic gearbox options could be offered, maintaining status-quo. An attractive price tag for the 2014 i20 sold in India is likely as Hyundai now manufactures diesel engines here. 

The ride and handling package of the current-gen Hyundai i20 hasn't been very inspiring. As Hyundai plans to launch a high performance car based on the i20 in 2015, the mass market model of the 2014 i20 hatchback is likely to benefit from the development of the high performance variant. Also, Hyundai now operates a test facility at Nurburgring, Germany. Hyundai's new engineering center at the 'ring is likely to add valuable inputs to the ride and handling package of the next-generation 2014 i20. 

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