Test driving the VW Virtus: Honda Jazz owner shares 14 observations

I feel that the ventilated seats in the Hyundai Creta are more premium than what we get in this sedan.

BHPian MDED recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After having read the entire thread on Virtus review, I was itching to have a TD done. Hence, during the office lunch break, went to VW Palace Cross Bangalore. Since, I am interested in taking the MT variant of Virtus, did the TD of Topline MT variant.


  1. First response after looking at the vehicle - Wow
  2. Generously spacious on the inside and massive boot space
  3. Clutch travel is okayish and not that long as reported in many YouTube reviews
  4. Gear shifts are amazing
  5. Car feels very planted on the road
  6. Steering feedback is butter smooth
  7. Driver’s view is magnificent. Never felt like driving a sedan
  8. Paint quality is good
  9. The car came with 10” ICE and IMO it performed well. The sound quality was good. Better than my Jazz


  1. Sunroof is not to my liking. You need to manually move the sunroof ceiling and then the glass moves with the operation of the ceiling button. Creta’s sunroof is awesome
  2. Ceiling material could have been better. It went in upon hard press. My existing Honda Jazz has got better quality ceiling material
  3. No engine cladding
  4. The boot area is having openings on both sides. In a ₹20 lakh car, VW could and should have covered the same
  5. Ventilated seats of Creta feel more premium than the Virtus

The TD car had done around 3500 kms on the ODO and the SA was very courteous in explaining the features of the car and the delivery timelines. Upon checking regarding the discounts, she informed me that it depends on whether they have any vehicle in the stockyard or not and depending upon the same, discounts can be worked upon. She also informed me that BH registration for bank employees could be arranged and I can take insurance from outside. For the record, insurance from VW is ₹50,000 dearer than outside!

My overall impression was good. Coming from an MPV, I never felt like driving a long sedan. The driving dynamics, the steering feedback, the suspension, everything was to my liking. Shall be booking the car soon.

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