Test drove the Hyundai Ioniq 5: 9 pros & 7 cons I observed

The range quickly improves if you let it cruise and regenerate. The slow down is quite steep in 1 pedal mode.

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I did a test drive a couple of days ago with PSM Hyundai Chennai and here are my observations:


  • The drive is very smooth you cant hear any sound at all. That's a bit frightening as pedestrians could not hear the car resulting in higher usage of the horn. I heard that they have a simulated engine noise.
  • The acceleration is very quick when required in all modes.
  • The range quickly improves if you let it cruise and regenerate. The slow down is quite steep in 1 pedal mode.
  • The 360 camera is extremely good and gives you a good view all round. the sensors on the car also warn you about traffic close by which was quite useful but some may find it annoying.
  • Side cameras switch on in the dashboard when you put your turning indicators on, you hardly look at the outside mirror as this is better. Hope this becomes standard across cars.
  • Ventilated front seats (cool) are pretty chill so had to shut them off. The rear has only heated seats, not sure why they didn't put cooled seats.
  • Music system is good.
  • Space is extremely good. Flexibility particularly the rear incline on seats is a great advantage.
  • Visibility is fantastic and it feels good to see the end of the bonnet from the driving seat position.


  • It is going to be extremely difficult to keep the interiors clean as it is more white and grey. I could already see dirt marks with only one other customer having done a test drive.
  • The AC is not effective in the rear. The side AC vents are quite useless and the centre AC does not throw well to the rear passengers. We had to keep adjusting this several times to adjust.
  • Colours on the ambient lighting may be a bit jarrish.
  • The steering comes in the way of seeing the dash. So adjusted it to get a compromised view.
  • The ADAS is quite active, the car breaks even if you dont want to when it senses obstacles/vehicles ahead. Lane assist is the most annoying as you cannot move lanes quickly, better to switch this feature off at least within the city (not sure if we can do that alone).
  • After driving a Merc and a BMW the family felt that the car was not feeling luxurious, had to agree.
  • Missing a heads up display (not even an option) which would have sorted out the steering coming in the way of dashboard issue.

Overall I will go ahead with the purchase, the only item I am really concerned about the the AC not being effective in the ear (would become a become crib from wife if this is an issue).

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