Test drove the Innova Hycross: Here's why I have decided to buy it

My father found the rear seat comfort was better in a 7-seater variant of the VX as compared to the 8-seater variant.

BHPian Paritoshkalra recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today I got a chance to test drive Innova Hycross VX. Here are some of my initial impressions:

  • The test drive was quite short. (merely 4 kilometers).
  • The moment you start this car, you will never feel that the car is on and its ready to drive. Its super silent.
  • Air-conditioner does the work perfectly in Hycross. No complaints in that department.
  • I was amazed by the steering of the car. It feels like a breeze in the city. I found that extremely easy to maneuver around. This is the biggest positive for a car of this size.
  • Taking a U turn, parking the vehicle is as easy as driving a hatchback.
  • Previously, I had found only 1 car which was easy to drive in the city - MG Hector. However today, I have added Hycross also to that list.
  • Foot well for the driver is huge and my left foot was easily in rest position thought the drive. The space for the driver is enormous. I have never experienced such space for a driver ever in any other car I have driven till date.
  • The pickup of the car of this size was amazingly good. No complaints.
  • The seating position is high and bonnet corners can be seen completely. One can always have a commanding view of the road.
  • I have driven Crysta, Safari, Harrier, XUV700, MG Hector, Nexon, XUV300, Honda City, Elite i20, Hyryder, Creta, Alcazar, Taigun, Astor and many more cars but I felt that Innova Hycross gave me the most comfortable driving experience specially with the space it offers for the driver. I am sure that it will be comfortable during long drives.
  • The seats are extremely comfortable specially in VX and I am amazed by the quality of fabric Toyota has used here. The Side bolstering and under-thigh support is really good. I do not plan to have any kind of seat covers in future. The Comfort is 10/10.
  • The ride quality was good and although the car was new and the Tyres had high air pressure.
  • The horn was little weak to my liking. May be the voice is not coming through to the cabin.
  • The overall visibility, comfort and moving the car around in tight corners will not be an issue.
  • I also checked the camera quality also in detail. Although the resolution is less than competition, but I found the camera to be quite functional. We can play with Brightness and contrast in Settings, and it gives improved quality on screen.
  • My father found the rear seat comfort was better in a 7-seater variant of the VX as compared to the 8-seater variant.
  • There is no need to purchase a side-step for elders. My father is 72 years old, and he found ingress in 1st and 2nd row to be quite easy.
  • I also tried sitting in the 3rd row and it was super comfortable for me, and I had ample leg room in the 3rd row of the Hycross. (I am 5,9')
  • There is no other car in the market till 60 lakhs on road which offers such amount of space for the passengers in all 3 rows.

Overall, TOYOTA has another winner on cards, and I am sure many buyers will be lured by the comfort and value this car brings to the table. Hycross delivers good fuel efficiency, its paint quality is excellent, it gives you a comfortable ride, comes with a Hybrid Petrol Engine which is much required for people living in Delhi NCR, its easy to move around and park. Moreover, it will not depreciate like other vehicles. There are more positives of this car than negatives. (Only negative about VX is presence of 2 airbags).

I have made up my mind and I will take the delivery of this car by 1 March.

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