Test drove the Mahindra Scorpio-N petrol, came away impressed

This is the vehicle that I've been looking for. A proper modern and upmarket body-on-frame SUV at nearly sane prices and very little to complain about.

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Got to test drive the Z8L petrol MT today.

I walked away impressed and annoyed.

Let's walk through the pros and cons first:


  • Presence is imposing. Looks cute and massive. Don't have frontal pictures though.
  • Expect the crowd to give way once they see you in the RVMs
  • Impressive NVH. Only subtle vibrations and the tachometer suggest that the engine is rotating. Most bad roads and bumps will get filtered out easily
  • The engine is incredible. Absolutely smooth and soundless below 2000rpm and thick meaty growl above that. 200PS is a lot and you will feel it once you put your paw down. Managed to slide out the rear at a U-turn (did scare the SA). Managed 100 on short notice. Also, the clutch is super light. Lighter than my dad's swift. Lighter than my Logitech G29. Guess I could drive this one in Bangalore and Mumbai.
  • Handling is fabulous. Steering feels as fake and light as a toy below 20km/h. Does weigh up above that and faced none of the lightness issues everyone mentions. Brakes are exceptionally sharp. Prepare to get rear-ended.
  • Space. A lot for me. I am 5' 1" and round. No complaints in terms of space and seating.
  • Seats are quite comfortable. Rear space isn't an issue. Does feel a bit more roomy than the Fortuner. Not like I'm going to cry about 3rd row and cargo space.
  • Visibility is great as it has a fantastic greenhouse. Sunroof is big enough for me at least. Front and rear cameras have decent resolution and not as bad as people say. Was easy puttering around on a super crowded street.
  • Suspension. This is a new benchmark in the class for BoF that is. Duster and Hexa owners won't be overjoyed but it will keep them happy. Way better than Fortuner but I had no complains with the latter to begin with. Bad roads? No roads? Not a problem. The pitching and lateral juggle is gone now to quite an extent
  • Equipment. I have few requirements to begin with (camera, carplay and android auto) and it does offer more than that. Sadly couldn't figure out the wireless phone integration on such a short test drive.
  • Efficiency. Didn't check. Didn't ask. But should be liveable if everyone started driving like me. Gearing is well adjusted and you can easily stay below 1500rpm in the city.
  • Infotainment. Sound quality is quite good and the Sony system is worth getting. It was able to handle RHCP, Death, Linkin Park and Symphony X without breaking a sweat. I expect most to not wanting an audio upgrade.

With that out of the way, let's look at the negatives.


  • Steering wheel position. My god, this was a bad experience. My foot won't reach the clutch. Moving the seat forward would stab my belly with the steering wheel. I was sitting awkwardly for the entire test drive.
  • Reach adjustment is SORELY MISSED. Surprisingly, did not feel this with the automatic as both pedals were within reach. This was never an issue when I drove the bhaiya wala Scorpio Classic MT few years back.
  • 360 camera. While the front camera is really good, it will not help me see if my FL wheel is going off the cliff.
  • Sunroof button. I was not able to completely close it. It will either go into vent mode or open up. I just wasn't able to press the rocker switch right.
  • Supply chain woes. There'll be a lot of trouble trying to own one. Expect substantial price hikes as the demand creeps in.

Bottom line: this is it. This is the vehicle that I've been looking for. A proper modern and upmarket body-on-frame at nearly sane prices and very little to complain about.

A lot of it seems to be drawn out of Alturas.

This is, indeed a 60-70% of a Fortuner at 50% the cost (maybe 85% with a remap)

And now, the few pictures I managed to take:

Big boye:

60 frames per second cluster. Very smooth and very classy. Reminds me of the G4:

More spacious than Kevin Spacey:

Backseat view with the "problemroof":

Big screen:


Extra small driver POV:

Really hope to own one someday and grow a big fluffy moustache

Overall, Nikhil and Pallav were very good SAs and Narain Mahindra is pretty good.

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