Thank you for the 43 Ford EcoSports!


In less than 24 hours of this thread being posted, 43 generous owners of 2018 model EcoSports have stepped forward, offering their new steeds to Team-BHP for an Official Review. It takes a lot to lend your beloved possession to someone else for a test & photoshoot - thank you! We are incredibly grateful. Your love & support for Team-BHP always leaves us overwhelmed.

Of these 43 cars, 14 are 'EcoSport S' variants, the EXACT variant that we have been waiting for since May. What Ford couldn't do in 3 months, EcoSport customers have done in 1 day.

And what Ford couldn't do with 10,000+ EcoSports produced, EcoSport owners did with just one (each). They went to great extents too = A gentleman wrote in offering his EcoSport S that is currently in the workshop for some minor accident damage, while another offered to drive down from Chennai to Mumbai!! There were a few who even offered a car belonging to their relatives (sibling, in-laws etc.)….after taking the necessary permissions, of course. 3 Team-BHP fans wrote in presenting their EcoSport S cars which are booked, but yet to be delivered! And then there were Sreesh & Abhinash who spoke to local Ford dealers about making their demo vehicles available for a Team-BHP Official Review.

This weekend, Team-BHP will be driving an EcoSport S EcoBoost variant that has been generously made available to us by BHPian Justchells.

A huge shoutout to the following Team-BHP fans & well-wishers for offering us their EcoSports (or those of their relatives). Thank you!

Justchells from Bangalore
Fiat_Tarun from Pune
Vkumar from NCR
Sunrock from Chennai
BHPian from North India (prefers anonymity)
Spectre13 from Mumbai
Anumod from Hyderabad
Kanishka88 from Mumbai
W.A.G.7 from Pune
Udayjani from Chennai
Prakritij from Assam
Sumanth Ramuni from Bangalore
Keerthan Kumar from Coimbatore
Raghav Sood from Delhi
Shree Ransubhe
Harpreet from the Andaman Islands!
Ankur Goel from Delhi
Kamptan Paul from Tripura
Suhrid Sarkar from Kolkata
Manish Naik
Nilesh Vyas from Indore
Vineet Sharma from Ludhiana
Shishant Paliwal
Aditya Dhiman
Kunal Gupta from Bangalore
Rahul Singh
Dr. Arora from Udaipur
….the rest preferred to stay anonymous!

And of course

BHPian GRAND23 for requesting an S owner from his office
Selfdrive for asking an EcoSport-owning pal

If I missed someone, my sincere apologies. Please email me on g t o @team-bhp .com and I will have your name added. But again, THANK YOU! Super, super grateful for the trust & generosity.

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