Thar AT jerked & went into limp mode upon acceleration: How I solved it

The SUV is a year & a half old and has clocked over 21,000 km already.

BHPian navpreet318 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So my P AT Thar did something weird.

I was accelerating rapidly to overtake another car. It started jerking and went into Limp mode with the Engine icon flashing.

Went down to 1500rpm and 20 km/h and didn't go above it.

Parked it where I found it to be safe.

The car was vibrating strongly.

Turned it off. Switched it on after some time and it is back to normal.

I can drive it around normally all day.

As soon as I accelerate it again jerks and goes into limp mode.

I have been asked to take it to the Mahindra service station to get it scanned.

I normally avoid the local service centre. Will probably take it to my friend's dealership in Meerut next week.

Some sensor seems to be amiss. That too on rapid acceleration. When you stomp the throttle down harder than normal.

Oh, and it's a year and a half old and 21k at the odo.

Here's what BHPian Blooming Flower had to say on the matter:

It seems there might be an issue with the CKP sensor. An OBD scan can pinpoint the root cause better.

Here's what BHPian Jaggu had to say on the matter:

Something to do with the throttle, the actual throttle sensor or one of the throttle body-related sensors seems to be not right. Or a fuelling-related error that is throwing the vehicle into limp mode. Connect to a scanner and check for an error code that is the only way to figure this right.

BHPian navpreet318 gave an update on the 13th Dec, 2022:

Loose ignition coils. They have been switched and installed. I have driven for about 1000 km.

The issue isn't completely gone. The engine check light isn't coming on but the jerks in very light form are felt sometimes only during pedal to the metal acceleration.

The dealer has been informed. I'll be giving them a date when they'll just send the techs over to Dehradun to change the ignition coils.

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