Thar ownership off to a rough start: Spends first 4 days in workshop

While coming back home from the dealership, MID showed Engine Check Light and the SUV went into limp mode.

BHPian Akib Khan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After reading each and every word of GTO's and Phoenix's reviews and drooling at the pictures I went to take a test drive and booked a Napoli Black LX soft top Diesel Manual with NBS International Andheri (same dealership from where GTO bought his Thar) on 31st July 2023 and took delivery on 09th August (yesterday evening). While coming back home from the dealership MID showed Engine Check Light and the car went into limp mode. Contacted my sales executive Mr Sagar Hadap and sent him the picture of the light. He promised to arrange a call with the service advisor today morning but as per NBS International, there was some miscommunication the call back never happened and I had to take my Thar to Sky Automobiles Mira Road MASS. The car is still at the workshop with 100km on the odo.

Sorry for high jacking your thread GTO.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Congrats on the Thar, but quite bummed to hear that she went back into the workshop. Mahindra & their niggles! Even I had two niggles within 24 hours of delivery (reversing camera & Android Auto), but luckily, nothing as serious.

Please do update us on the solution. I sure hope your car is back with you today, so you can enjoy driving it over the weekend.

What modifications are planned?

BHPian Akib Khan's first update on the matter:

Hey GTO, thanks for your wishes.

The car is still at the workshop. They have scanned and changed a few parts but after driving for a few hundred meters, the error pops up again and car goes into limp mode.

Maybe I made a bad decision by putting my money into a car I wanted to own since childhood.

In 48 hours of ownership, I had the car for not even 10 hours. Disappointed, anguished, embarrassed.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Unhappy to hear this, Akib, but I hope Mahindra fixes it once and for all. What parts did they change already? Is this related to the DPF or exhaust system?

BHPian Akib Khan's second update on the matter:

I have absolutely no idea what they are doing with my car. Not getting any satisfactory response from Mahindra. The only hint they gave me is that the issue is related to DPF and exhaust sensors which is "very minor". Yesterday evening they asked for 2 more days to return my car.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Damn, these BS6 diesel exhaust systems are really a mess. It's the No.1 reason I bought the petrol. Do update us once you get your car back with the problem & diagnosis. I have a feeling that the DEF fluid level might be low, because your DPF is perhaps too new to end up choked. Unless, as the dealer said, it's a sensor issue.

BHPian Akib Khan's third & fourth update on the matter:

Update 3 - Day 4. Car is still at the service centre. Will be getting it by tuesday. Lost trust in Mahindra and their after sales service. Have asked NBS Mahindra to arrange for a flat bed and take their vehicle.

Update 4 - The Thar is back on the road. The sensors have been changed and after 30 km of testdrive the car was handed to me with a mini celebration planned by Sky Automobile service centre. The car is performing flawlessly now. Time to burn hole in my pocket and start modding it.

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