Thar Petrol MT ownership: Observations & issues noticed after 2500 km

Fuel efficiency is currently at a horrible 6.5/6.6 in the city and 7.5 on the highway by the tank-to-tank method of calculation.

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I have driven 2500 km on my Thar P MT HT grey. Overall, I absolutely love the SUV. It's great fun to drive and I have become comfortable using it as my daily commuter. Some observations and issues I'm putting down here just to know and understand better. Please feel free to advise or add.

  1. The driver's seat rocks a bit when I hit a bump or go over a speed breaker. It bothered me but I wasn't sure if this was the design itself and a friend drove the car today and noticed it as well. I'm not sure if it is just a loose part. What could it be? I'm not sure what to tell the Mahindra guys if I take it to them so want to understand better. Worried they will brush it off as a non-issue.
  2. I'm a bit disappointed with the service at Randhawa Kurla in Mumbai. They try to brush off everything as a non-issue. Not sure how to make them function better. They don't seem to know the functionings of the Thar very well.
  3. Drivers side window made a screeching noise every time I rolled it down for the 1st time after parking it overnight. 2nd time onwards the sound disappeared. Got this checked. They lubricated it is what they said. A few days after that the sound disappeared.
  4. Passenger side window moves in and out of its place while rolling it up and down. It's a visible shift in the glass midway as it moves up or down. Got this checked but they said it was the play that exists in all the vehicles it's a bit odd to me that this is normal. Anybody else has this issue? Is it really normal? It's there in the driver's side window too but much much lesser.
  5. My gear knob made this noise while shifting like something was brushing against it. Again, they got it lubricated and the sound went away. It could be just the cloth cover at the bottom of the gear knob brushing against the Lever itself.
  6. Mileage is currently at a horrible 6.5/6.6 in the city and 7.5 on the highway by the tank-to-tank method of calculation. I feel like this is really low for a petrol manual. I'm reading reviews of people getting around 8 in the city. how do I improve mileage? I'm not an aggressive driver so I go easy on the throttle. RPM is kept low too and shifts are done right I feel. Will this improve over time? Does anything need checking? On a full tank, the DTE shows around 540. I refuel when the low petrol light comes in. Usually, around 80 km remaining on the DTE with a consumption of 43 litres of petrol and a trip of 300-310kms
  7. Quite unhappy with the stock headlights. They are not powerful enough for sure.
  8. Bluetooth and android auto have random issues. Doesn't connect sometimes. I have no clue why. If I switch off the vehicle and switch it back on, it works fine.
  9. How do I keep the white markings on the tyres clean? Anyway, the whiteness can be retained or brought back. Tried cleaning it with some tyre cleaners but was not happy. Love how it looks when it's clean so want that.
  10. I hear a whooshing sound for a few secs when the turbo kicks in while accelerating. Again, I was told this is normal when I asked the Mahindra guys. Is it true?

Would love to know what you guys think and if you have any other issues that I should look out for. Thanks a ton, guys!

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