Toyota Camry flies & topples; driver miraculously survives

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An oncoming truck's dash cam video shows the Toyota Camry lose control and fly off the road.

A shocking car accident in Yuba City, California, USA has been caught on video, showing a Toyota Camry flying through the air, before slamming to the ground in front of an oncoming truck.

As seen from the truck's dashcam video, the Toyota Camry loses control, launches off an embankment, flies through the air, and topples over multiple times, before coming to a halt roof down in front of an oncoming truck.

The truck wasn't speeding and was hence able to stop in its track a few feet away. Also, the Toyota Camry managed to squeeze past a couple of electrical power lines, without touching them. The video shows the truck driver immediately call 911 and run over to rescue the Camry driver.

Judging by the video, the person driving the Toyota Camry did seem to be doing high speeds, before losing control of the car. Fortunately, however, the driver is said to have miraculously survived the horrific accident, suffering only minor injuries in the process.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

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