Toyota Celica could return as an EV or a hydrogen sports car

Toyota is said to have trademarked the 'Celica' name in North America, fuelling rumours of its possible return.

Toyota is reported to be developing a brand new sports car, with which it could revive the 'Celica' nameplate. According to a media report, the upcoming sports car is expected to be either electric or hydrogen-powered.

Toyota has trademarked the 'Celica' nameplate in North America, which has fuelled rumours about its probable return. Reports also suggest, an electric sports car is being jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. While the development is in very early stages, this electric sports car could receive the 'Celica' nameplate, once it enters production.

The new electric sports car could be part of Toyota's recently unveiled 'bZ' series. The company had previously confirmed that it would introduce 15 new models, including 7 pure electric offerings by 2025.

However, reports suggest that there is also a possibility that the upcoming sports car could come powered by a hydrogen engine. Toyota is known to be working on FCEVs and even a hydrogen-powered combustion engine - showcased in the Corolla race car.

Having said that, all the details mentioned above though are just speculations at this point, with Toyota yet to make any official statement.

Source: BestcarWeb

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