Toyota Hyryder mileage on 2600 km long road trip & 8 other observations

I have always used only XP95 fuel. I am not sure whether that has helped with the fuel efficiency of the car.

BHPian aks812 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So I finally had a long trip in my Hyryder Hybrid G last week, the route was Mumbai - Bhopal - Pench and return. The trip was approximately 2600km in 8 days and in this also completed 5000km. Few observations from the trip below:

  1. The roads were mostly good, especially the highways in MP were amazing. Drove mostly in normal mode, and tried eco mode in between but it would reduce the AC performance so kept mostly in normal mode and power mode in between on ghats and overtakes. Didn't feel any issue with performance.
  2. Compared to my Seltos IVT, there is hardly any lag in acceleration but yes the engine is more noisy when pushed in normal or eco mode.
  3. The sunroof is a big issue with the mosquito net throwing a lot of heat inside, I tried putting the side sun shades on the roof while going from Mumbai to Bhopal and kept the AC at auto for 24, as I usually do, but the blower was always on full blast. The sun shade protection didn't help much as a lot of the area remained open to heat, picture attached. On reaching Bhopal I placed a thermocol sheet above the sunroof cover so now I had sun shade cover and thermocol cover to protect from the heat.
  4. Sound quality is decent if you play around with audio settings and at par with Seltos.
  5. The ride quality is the best I have experienced, coming from Ecosport and Seltos. It is not stiff like Ecosport and Seltos, and takes all the rumble strips and the small continuous speed breakers in its stride without any noise and rattling inside the cabin. The steering weighs up perfectly at high speeds when compared to Seltos which remains light even post 110kmph.
  6. The stock Apollo Apterra Cross tyres feel decent, better than Goodyears which came on Seltos and Ecosport. They do have some road noise, not as silent as Michelin. But had an incident where to save a dog I had to brake hard at a speed of 80-90 and the stopping distance was disappointing. I have external TPMS installed which helped with tyre pressure and temperature, I feel it is a must-have for all cars.
  7. Storage was not a problem with medium-sized bags and little adjustment in the boot.
  8. LED headlight throw feels more than adequate to me, compared to Seltos LED headlights.

Fuel efficiency

We were 2-3 people and about 4-5 medium-sized bags on the trip. Got the below-mentioned mileage, tank-to-tank method, though the mileage displayed on MID was very close to the actual.

  • Mumbai to Bhopal - 24.89kmpl - This was with sun shade only on top, AC set on 24 and blower going full blast. Speed was between 80-90, occasionally going 110+.
  • Bhopal to Pench - 25.1 kmpl - This time I had a thermocol sheet placed on top and there was no heat coming inside from the sunroof. Speed was between 80-90, didn't cross 100 here.
  • Pench to Bhopal - 23.6kmpl - Thanks to the good roads from Pench - Lakhnadon - Narsinghpur, drove only in power mode to have fun.
  • Bhopal to Mumbai - 26.2kmpl - Tried keeping the car in EV mode as much as possible by modulating the accelerator.

I have always filled XP95 from the start, not sure if that is helping in getting more mileage.

Negative point

Only negative I found was the cheap sunroof cover, need to install a good CR20 roof tint over the weekend.

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