Toyota Hyryder strong hybrid: 10 observations after 1 week of ownership

I managed to extract an impressive 30.6 kml on the highway.

BHPian Er_Who recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took delivery of my white S Hybrid about a week ago. Here's my piece on the experience so far :

  • The first thing one will notice is how silent the car is. Continuing to surprise quite a few people in the parking lot.
  • The transition from EV to ICE and back is seamless in city speeds. Need to keep checking the instrument cluster to see if it's in EV mode or not.
  • The indicated mileage after covering around 370km is 25 kmpl. This is mostly within Bangalore city except a 150km dash on the highway (30.6kmpl on the highway drive). Super impressed. P.S. I'm a sedate driver.
  • The car is very punchy till it reaches 80kmph. Haven't pushed it beyond 100kmph yet, but could feel the strain on the engine post 80kmph.
  • Turn by turn navigation shows up on the digital instrument cluster, IF, Apple maps is used with Apple car play. Google maps on Apple car play doesn't show it. Haven't used Android auto yet, so can't comment on that. Also, navigation as a whole was a quite laggy at times with wireless Apple car play. Using it wired seemed to solve it.
  • Suspension is very well tuned. Takes care of most of the CRATERS on Bangalore roads.
  • Plastic quality on the inside is a bit disappointing. Very scratch friendly. Especially the plastics on the door. Coming to the door, the driver side door won't close easily. Needs a proper SLAM! However, sliding down the windows seems to make it close normally. Will have to get this checked. The other doors seem fine-ish.
  • I didn't have a proper long drive yet, but the seats seem good. I'm over 6'1" and there's quite a bit of headroom as well. Having no sunroof helps, I guess.
  • I'm no audiophile, but the music system felt adequate to me, even without the tweeters. Quality of reverse parking camera is adequate.
  • The right side A-Pillar is quite thick and there is a proper blind-spot. Some in-car gymnastics is recommended while crossing a busy junction.

Overall, I have to say I'm quite happy with the experience so far. Hoping for many a miles with the white beauty.

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