Toyota Mirai hydrogen FCEV sets new Guinness world record

The Toyota Mirai logged an impressive fuel efficiency figure of 152 MPGe.

The Toyota Mirai recently set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled by a hydrogen fuel cell EV.

The Toyota Mirai managed to clock 1,360 km (845 miles) on a single tank of hydrogen. The world record attempt took two days to complete and took place in Southern California, USA. The FCEV was driven by professional hypermiler Wayne Gerdes with Bob Winger as his co-pilot.

The duo covered 761 km on the first day, starting from the Toyota Technical Centre (TTC), California, going all the way to Santa Barbara via San Ysidro. The car also visited places like Santa Monica and Malibu beach before returning to the TTC at the end of the day.

Day 2, the Mirai covered 600 km in the morning and afternoon traffic of San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, before coasting back to the TTC with the remaining hydrogen.

Combining the results of both days, the Toyota Mirai clocked 845 miles in total from 5.45 kg of hydrogen, translating an impressive fuel efficiency of 152 MPGe. The Toyota Mirai also did not stop for any refuelling for the record attempt.

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