Toyota to sell new spare parts for its old Supra models

The production of the spare parts will be handled by Toyota's motorsport division, as part of their 'Heritage Parts Project'.

Last year, Toyota announced the launch of its GR Heritage Parts Project, aimed at offering OEM spare parts for the A70 and A80 generation Supra models. At the time of launch, however, the project only had a limited number of parts on offer.

Now, the company has announced that they will be expanding their catalogue to include more spare parts for its older Supra models. Toyota will now manufacture a number of spare OEM parts for its A70 (1986 - 1993) and A80 (1993 - 2002) Supra models. The entire project will further be overseen by the brand's motorsport division, Gazoo Racing. The parts will be available on sale in Japan, North America, Europe and a few other global markets as well.

The parts for the A70 Supra include the driveshaft, door handles, front & rear emblem, clutch master cylinder, brake hoses, and side protection moldings; among others. Similarly, Toyota also offers parts such as front bumper covers, brake boosters, headlamps and oxygen sensors for its A80 Supra.

Customers can request the production of a specific part as well. Toyota will then decide on the production of that specific part, based on the number of requests. The carmaker is also said to be open to producing parts for other models, in case there is a good demand.

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