Traded in my Ford Endeavour 3.2 for the VW Virtus GT: 2000 km update

While driving long distances, the car returns a fuel efficiency of 20 km/l and above.

BHPian SUVolens recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Virtus GT is now a month and a half old and stands at exactly 2000 kms, with a trip to Bikaner under its belt. The 1000 km service was done a couple of weeks back and today, I took it in for a software update for the AC as informed over email by VW.

I never really faced any cooling or tripping problems with the AC in my car, whether out on the highways or in town, and cooling has been very satisfactory within 35° ambient outside so far. So, not sure what the update will do in the future in terms of improvement (I’m a big believer in ‘if it ain’t broke, leave it alone). However, I did go ahead and fix the now available hood insulation. It cost 856/- at the VW Noida dealership.

Now here’s the rub - I tried to see if there’s any appreciable difference in NHV with this new add-on and I have to admit, I’m a bit saddened. The piece of felt does its job only too well. The addictive snarl I loved out of the 1.5 EVO motor under hard acceleration is now all but gone. The car was never noisy, to begin with, but the rasp from this gem of a motor when given the stick, was a few of the perks (something I enjoyed immensely in the roar of the 3.2 Endeavour I traded in for this car) I revelled in. Folks complaining about that ‘noise’ will be pleased no doubt, should you choose to install it.

To sum up my short ownership of the Virtus, I’m nothing but thrilled so far.

  • It drives like a fiend when you want/need it to - the steering is set perfectly for all speeds. I don’t know what all the noise about lifeless steering is all about. It’s spot on!
  • It pleases the miser in me when travelling long distances, giving me 20 kmpl and over while I enjoy the roads. The ride is brilliant - soaking up irregularities like the mature product it is. It is in fact exactly half the cost per kilometer to my diesel ex, which dulls the ache of having to part with the legend after covering all four corners of the country.
  • True, the interiors are nowhere as plush and ‘soft feel’ like the unappreciated Ford, but hey - it has German solidity all over it and I appreciate this no-nonsense approach to car building more than the gimmicky builds of other star sellers I shall leave unnamed.
  • And in Wild Cherry Red - it has me hanging around the parking every time, a few minutes longer than I need to. That’s what I look for in my cars - love.

By the way - for owners fretting about the irritating engine start-stop at every braking and speed bump, here’s a tip. Feather the brake as you’re coming to a stop and hold firm only once the vehicle has come to a complete halt. 9 out of 10 times, the car won’t die on you. You’re welcome!

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