Travelled in Vande-Bharat Express from Delhi to Chandigarh: Experience

To give a perspective, it takes 2 hours 50 mins for a distance of 244 km. In comparison, the Kalka-Shatabdi Express takes 3 hours 30 mins and a road trip on average takes about 5 hours.

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Thanks for sharing your review and the pictures. While the thread is for the Vande Bharat Express in the South, for the comparison I am sharing my recent experience from the North.

I had the occasion to travel from New Delhi to Chandigarh on 6 November 2022 for the first time through the Vande Bharat Express and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort (leg space better than business class), speed, quality of service, cleanliness and food served. To give a perspective, it takes 2 hrs 50 mins for a distance of 244 km. By way of comparison, the Kalka Shatabdi Express takes 3 hrs 30 mins, a road trip on average takes about 5 hrs and a flight takes 40 mins but the overall time is about 5 hrs. The ticket fare difference between Shatabdi and Vande Bharat was only INR 225, with the latter being higher. The catering charges for Shatabdi were higher by INR 210, which was possible because I was taking the evening Shatabdi which served dinner as against breakfast in Vande Bharat.

As I type this message today, I have boarded the Vande Bharat Express yet again just for the convenience of completing work during the day and getting to return the same evening. Sharing a few pictures for reference.

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