Troubled by the stuck sunroof on my Audi A8

The last time when I closed the sunroof of my car, the glass managed to shut completely but the cover got stuck in a semi crooked position.

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My Audi A8 has a sunroof which is giving me some issues. While the sunroof works fine (apart from some whirring on and off sound), the roof cover has got stuck the last time I opened it.

Thankfully, the glass shut but the cover is stuck in a semi crooked position and I am not able to nudge it back.

I am worried about taking it to a garage as the bill would be hefty here in the UK. Would anyone have any suggestion on a DIY strategy that may help me out?

I don't think WD40 is going to help in this case. Posting a picture that I took today. I have tried to pull the shade out but to no avail. It's just not budging. I did manage to straighten it out a bit though. Still stuck at the rear end of the roof. Sorry, the pic isn't very clear.

If you are able to make out, you can see the shade sticking out at the back.

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Try putting oil first, of course.

My Q5's sunroof also gets "stuck" sometimes for the last inch or so.

In my case what I observed is if I park or drive the car in the scorching tropical sun, the gasket expands and that leads to calibration error in the end and it does not close completely. Then I drive it for some time and park in shade and fully open it once again and then close it completely. Basically, thermal expansion. Try that out. In the UK, it may be the extreme cold leading to contraction.

Else, what I recall from some of the discussions when I was in the same position as yours, there is a way to reset the rail motor once and then it will work again. I think it is through OBD.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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WD40 can be counterproductive in the long run as it dries out the rubber eventually. The best thing to use is silicone spray for rubber parts.

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The shade is not stuck, it seems to have jumped the channel. You might need to undo the roof lining and access the whole sunroof system and realign.

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