Trying to trace the owner of an abandoned Chevrolet Beat

The car has now lost its wheels, windows shattered and has been moved down the road.

BHPian Arayan5614 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi Folks,

About a year back a nice looking car - In a decent condition with no sign of accident or anything, gets parked roadside in our locality.

Call it unusual, but I see cars like small babies and an object with its own personality and identity, something which must be treated with dignity.

I noticed when this car didn't move the 2nd or 3rd day from the location and the place of parking wasn't next to any shop or resident.

Blue is my favourite colour and the Chevy Beat is one of the cars my extended family owned and I absolutely loved it.

The cocktail of two had my attention in the first meeting.

The time passed, it had been almost 30 days and the car remained there, I looked at the car from my balcony almost every day talking to my wife - Someone must be missing this car!

Sounds unusual but as if the car was looking at me with some expectations!

This was the time when the lockdown happened - Couldn't go near the car and earlier I couldn't make a note of the registration number.

Once lockdown lifted I went to the car and took a couple of pics:

Sent the pics with details to the Bangalore police through Twitter - but to date, there hasn't been any response from them.

Time passed and I thought since the number is of Maharashtra (Thane) why not the state police of Maharashtra be contacted - guess what, I did that too.

No response from them too.

Time flies - The road was getting widened and construction contractors (my guess) moved the car down the road which is covered in thick grass now

In all this time - The car had lost its wheels, glasses broken etc

Till today, I believe someone would have been missing this car somewhere!

Team-bhp Folks - is there a way we use our expertise and network to trace the owner of this sweet car and help this car reunite with its companion.

Doesn't this car deserve better treatment?

Here's what BHPian bharanidharang had to say on the matter:

Abandoned cars are a dime a dozen. I have seen a silver Ciaz stand in the same spot for 3 years in front of a building. Various reasons why they could be abandoned

  • Accident
  • No insurance
  • Mis-used vehicle
  • Stolen.

You have rightly reached out to Karnataka and Maharashtra police. I don't think you can do anything further.

P.S: For the abandoned Ciaz, informed the local beat constable but nothing happened.

Here's what BHPian Piyush Kanthak had to say on the matter:

This happened to me too, an Orange colour Mitsubishi Lancer was parked right in front of my house, didn't care because many people park their cars in front of my house, 3 months passed and there was no sign of the owner. Contacted the police, they said they will arrange a tow truck, till date I am waiting for it.

Meanwhile, BBMP was laying tar on our road, we had to move the Lancer, surprisingly the door was unlocked, some of us moved it away. It stayed there for another 1 month when suddenly it vanished. Our security guard was telling us that one couple came in the middle of the night and took the Lancer away.

After that I saw that car many times in RT Nagar, that was the last time I saw it.

Here's what BHPian akash_v12 had to say on the matter:

Arayan5614, a way to check who the owner is or at least how long the car has been in Bangalore would be to simply find out the number of Challans this car has through the system (if Bangalore has one). Pop open the hood and you'll have the VIN and you can then figure out how long this car might've possibly been in Bangalore.

If it's had challans years ago as well, this might be just abandoned. However, if there are only recent challans, a high possibility is that this car is stolen.

Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

Today, I am once again feeling really proud to be part of this community. Looking at some abandoned car in some corner of the town, one gets triggered to unite the car with the owner. People join hands to find out the owner through all possible means and with a committed mind, finds out the owner.

This is the metaphor of humanity and personification of car lovers

I know this is off-topic but still couldn't resist posting my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Great going brothers. Curious to see how this thread ends. All the best to all of you who put the effort in uniting the car with the owner.

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